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  1. This is a small part of a T.S Elliot poem, if you google the first few lines you should be able to find a link to read the full poem. Its very beautiful
  2. The Lizzy Grant era that I’m here for Also @ anyone who argues with me that Lana isn’t a Gemini. ♊♊♊
  3. This song is honestly perfect. This album is gonna be everything. This got me right in the feels
  4. It’s definitely not Tuesday. it’s Two step lol “My life’s like a movie But I just let it move me So slow like a two step You hold me real tight” Also I hear- I just smile, say I KNOW, but I like to sing along
  5. i literally havent slept since her saying she would livestream... its 12.18am here in perth <3 hurry up lana lol i nee this merch
  6. this song is so simliar to strange love to me.. it was one of my old favourites so i picked up on it straight away, so beautiful and mysterious..
  7. https://store.lanadelrey.com/collections/collectibles/products/lana-del-rey-gold-necklace this is back, i just brought one
  8. i'm confused, so is it real or not? I wish it was real, but I have a feeling it's not... I feel like that could be a security risk for Lana, and why would she want to celebrate her birthday with a bunch of random people? (irl just dying inside i live in Australia, and i dont have the money to jump on a plane today, buy a table at 1OAK and find out for myself)
  9. i hope its the 26th, May 26th is my birthday.. safe to say i had a few good birthdays thanks to Lana hehe
  10. ya, this can be confirmed to be about a Preacher now? omg we were so wrong </3
  11. makes sense that its white lines and it's totally bad ass hahah
  12. i dunno how anyone can say she's definitely done drugs before if you weren't there ? isn't there already a thread on this?
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