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  1. I would think the green could be quite rare because it was the most expensive vinyl and people usually sleep on the UO versions until they are not available anymore. Grey is objectively the "rarest" color vinyl because they made so little of them cause its grey but I don't really know if it'll be popular in the future since it is grey The upcoming RSD cobalt I definitely think it'll be quite rare. I feel like since the yellow is everywhere and still everywhere it won't be that rare, clear and yellow both they made a fuckton of. But honestly I don't really know which will be the "rarest" because its always random. Almost every vinyl from Lana becomes very sought after and expensive in the future after you can't buy them anymore so all the variants will probably be pretty expensive in the future. NFR just came out like what 2 years ago and its already over 100 dollars for all three variants. Also theres the consideration that COCC wasn't really that popular, especially with the GP. So who knows how sought after these vinyls will be in the future.
  2. Went to UO in person and grabbed a sage green vinyl and only got it for 19.99 I did what I've been wanting to do for a long time and put the green in the alt cover's sleeve and it is GORGEOUS like it is literally meant to be I'm so happy with it and its so stunning but the fact that I'm still getting the blue next month too LMAO I'll literally have 3 copies, I'm ridiculous Also don't know what I'm gonna do with my red vinyl, I stuck it in the og standard cover sleeve that the UO green came with sdjfkjsdfjhdf Like I can't sell it so I guess I could give it to someone in the future or something, a unwanted gift really I hope they don't take offense
  3. I almost caved and was gonna listen to all three of the singles in July cause people kept saying how meh and bad the singles and era was. But after listening to BB.. wow the experience And people were saying it was the worst one like, after hearing such a masterpiece I knew this era was worth the wait and surprise. I'm so glad I've waited, this era really is going to be top tier Lana at her best
  4. Not really keeping up much here cause I'm staying pretty much completely spoiler free for BB, I haven't even listened to Text Book Wildflower Wildfire or Arcadia yet I KNOW I'm gonna be the biggest Violets For Roses stan she is literally calling my name, cooing at me I'm so fucking excited I can't believe were almost a week away I honestly genuinely think this will be one of my favorite Lana albums ever
  5. I think also another thing was the old one says made in france while the new one is made in canada
  7. You are so powerful and brave for having this level of optimism lanabanana11
  8. A fellow jorge stan, TASTE His whole discography really is just gold
  9. I really really hope that blue vinyl is real and is actually coming.. I think I'll have a meltdown if I'm getting played
  10. even though im 90% sure were not getting anymore vinyls this era i have a delusional clown inside me thats expecting a new drop with a blue vinyl or something
  11. Well its a RSD so I don't think it goes on preorder. You kinda have to rush to your local record store and grab one before they are gone
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