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  1. Hayden since you're reading this thread, let me know:
  2. Blue skies smiling at me Nothing but blue skies do I see Bluebirds singing a song Nothing but bluebirds all day long
  3. I’m happy for the winners regardless, I don’t blame them really… What irritates me is the audacity of The Grammys for awarding people who also were not inspired from Lana… Absurd.
  4. Maybe if Zodiac leaked this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Much to think about.
  5. Paris Hilton

    Song vs. Song

    Love vs Hollywood's Dead
  7. I've been having this issue for ages... Help
  8. I didn't enjoy the song that much but the melodies are cute and very retro imo.
  9. Paris Hilton

    Taylor Swift

    I'm a Republican voting for Taylor Swift You lazy bitches is fucking up the econ'my
  10. Because I am dropping a new song with @Lana Del Rey Arcadia (feat. Paris Hilton) [Paris Hilton Remix] 11.27.23
  11. Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd - 24 A&W - 34 Candy Necklace - 29 Paris, Texas - 21 Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he's deep-sea fishing - 10 Let The Light In - 33 Taco Truck x VB - 4
  12. Blue Jeans was playing so i guess she did us all a favor!
  13. My first album was a CD of ‘My Worlds’ by Justin Bieber in 2010. I was down bad.
  14. I fucking love Your Band Is All The Rage. I wish there was more information about it.
  15. Aw, I wonder if she is going thru it right now. I felt like her energy was kinda off before starting. Even Alex cheered her up.
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