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  1. I honestly don’t understand the whole revenge concept she is trying to portray on Blue Banisters. Is she even doing that or am I missing something?
  2. Literally anyone can have fake scrobbles. You can easily use one of those sites and register that song as a scrobble on your profile……
  3. The Nikki Lane hate is fun though... It's like hating on Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran. However I'd like to acknowledge she has some country bops that I enjoy in silence.
  4. Nikki Lane is the saddam hussein of the music industry… She terrorizes us.
  5. #ParisHiltonExclusive: Lana Del Rey says the word “the” and “a” in at least five songs from BB!
  6. No, we are just fueling our minds with delusions.
  7. People who would rather have Wild One instead of Wild On You on the album are deeply disturbed... Something is not right about them.
  8. If this album will contain that many unreleased tracks, we will be experiencing the PEAK of Lana’s laziness… How uninspired… But go off I guess!
  9. When they add an actual guitar to living legend...
  10. Guns and Roses is a great song and the worst song on UV is actually Fucked My Way Up To The Top.
  11. TITLE TRACK.................................. SHE LACED IT WITH CRACK
  12. I mean, you're talking about Lana Del Rey...
  13. This shit aint coming on June 1st.. I'd rather manifest SANITY for all of us because of the meltdowns in here.
  14. They've been posting info about the released singles which became all true (based on the "reliable insiders"). They only share rumors and information. They do that because people just CAN'T read and comprehend the information is coming from an insider and not Lana herself, which can either be true or false. Just take it with a grain of salt.
  15. Paris Hilton

    Melanie Martinez

    oh hai girl in da melanie martinez thread of me
  16. Paris Hilton

    Melanie Martinez

    heard of it…
  17. I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS MF GAME I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I can't wait for the Resident Evil chapter.
  18. Right... She should partnership with Adobe or something Gaga did. It would be a serve. I can imagine a booklet full of photos taken by Chuck and fan arts.
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