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  1. Her FIT and serving face as well... she's killing it
  2. This album came at a perfect time, I was cycling it with Honeymoon over and over again in Spain soundtrack of the summer
  3. this is so fucking iconique, i would change my avatar to this if i wasn't so hung up on the disguising lana But also, she was a little bit random with her new years resolution of being a baddie
  4. the quintessential look
  5. CN, DMD and Flipside () absolutely scalped me, I also cried throughout the whole of AW and Y&B, we've come so far lipsters can't wait for more performances
  6. the video was amazing, well worth the wait, even BTD lana materializing right before my eyes
  7. The Grants is playing in my head non-stop and there is no end in sight Do you think about heaven...
  8. I've been trying to convert my boyfriend to being a Lana fan for years, and I think this is the album he's been enjoying the most so far, even spins the record on his own sometimes now . So I thought it would be fun to let him sort the album... His ranking on the album: Lmao I can't get over the Fishtail placement
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    lizzy reincarnated
  10. We were in the spa with my boyfriend today and Old Money was playing
  11. Photoshoot with the baby fresh out of mail before the virgin spin
  12. Got my green vinyl today, the colour is perfect Also streamed the shit out of the album today and played some chords as someone uploaded them on ultimateguitar. I'm truly immersing myself in this album
  13. Thank you everyone for the pre-release and l3ak madness, best pre-release season ever, surpassing even the Honeymoon rollout Let's get ready to stream!! I can't also wait for my green vinyl!
  14. Good morning, we're soon there!! I've been reading Reddit comments about this album and it has been interesting to say the least. It seems like there are lovers and haters for every song.
  15. I love ms. Cocc She gave us this optimistic and nostalgic record with some solid bops. White Dress will forever be that bitch. Wild at Heart is so fucking cute. Tulsa Jesus Freak & Dark But Just A Game need to introduction. Yosemite has scalped thousands if not millions of innocent people over the world. Happy bday Chemtrails
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