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  1. americangothic liked a post in a topic by Cherry Blossom in Born to Die: 10th Year Anniversary Re-Edition?   
    the fact we are getting nothing hurts my soul  i need an official release of YCBTB!!
  2. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by 13beachess in Honeymoon - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    Yes! God Knows I Tried is so fucking good.
    I think I've come to the conclusion that Terrence is Lana's probably most timeless song.
  3. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by SoftwareUpgrade in Honeymoon - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    Lana needs to repress this record, it's actually ridiculous at this point- I remember when the pink UO NFR record was just sitting in the online store for fuckin EVER, I demand a RED repressing with the gatefold  < pretend this is a picket sign!!! Also God Knows I Tried has this encompassing production and is underrated, when the verses slowly echo off UGH #HONEYMOONISSUPREME
  4. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by Super Movie in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    I can't believe the 10-year anniversary is already tomorrow. I remember listening to Video Games nonstop in 2012 and always having Summertime Sadness stuck in my head. I still don't know why it took me so long to actually start fully listening to Lana outside of that  It's crazy that it's already been a decade
  5. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by Deadly Nightshade in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    All of you guys perfectly stated above what i wanted to say as well . English is not my first language so sometimes i find it difficult to articulate my thoughts and opinions.
    What i can say is that it remains as one of the albums that influenced me the most in my early teen years . I remember listening to her songs on the radio and trying to find out who she was . I remember showing her to my friends when i was 12 years old and none of them really cared , they found her weird in a way especially when i showed them the summertime sadness videoclip  
    I think that the song that stands out more for me is video games . I’ve listened to this song more times than i can count and every time it feels like the first time . I can’t explain properly how it makes me feel but i know that every time i listen to it i understand its impact and that makes me emotional . Another song that feels timeless as well is the title track , i get chills when i hear the opening line . There isn’t a song that i dislike in the album , i feel that everything ties together perfectly and creates a coherent soundscape that encapsulates Lana’s vision perfectly imo. 
    I think that it would be really sad if she didn’t acknowledge it , she knows the album’s impact the least she can do is say something about it ( maybe re-release it,  no? ) 
  6. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by ChaoticLipster in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    It would be painful for Lana not to acknowledge the anniversary. I think she will say something, but it would be beyond rude to fans and herself really to say nothing to the album that basically opened the door for her. I think her label should have done a re-release Its a very big mistake not to. 
  7. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by TRENCH in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    I have typed this like every 2 year here but i have to for the a day early 10th anniversary!
    I still remember renting the BTD CD when I was volunteering at a local library in the middle of 11th grade (Spring 2013), and the week after renting the Paradise EP that had came out like 2 months prior. I'm glad I decided to burn all of those songs on my computer and keep listening to them.
    The first time I listened to this album top to bottom (I was starting to listen to full albums at this point) I found the songs all sound the same, but something told me to just bun the CD in my iTunes and listen to it again on my iPod for a second chance. And one by one I fell in love with all of the songs. The last two to like were National Anthem and the title track because of the rather "heavy/melancholic" chord progression. But one morning on the bus ride to school national anthem made sense, and I fell in love with it. Like a month later, I'm going through SoundCloud and these "unreleased" songs pop up, likely the first being Puppy Love (I would have made Lana a millionaire with the amount of times i played that song) and the demo for Dark Paradise; this is where i started to learn what demos, instrumentals, a capellas and stems were.
    This album opened the doors of music for me. It got me to dive into discographies of other artists in pop, hip hop, RnB, electronic, alternative and indie music. And because I fell in love with music I now listen to Brazilian folk, French pop, Scandinavian rap, and whatever crazy music is out there. I write lyrics, I'm making music in garage band, i have a collection of ~300 CDs and vinyl's.
    Born To Die did all of that. Thank u Lana 
    Edit: Video Games is the #1 best written, best sung, best produced song ever in history. It is a capsule for what and who Lana is. It capsulates songwriting and musical emotion at its core. 
  8. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by Thunder in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    It's you, it's you, it's all for you
    Everything I do
    I tell you all the time
    Heaven is a place on earth with you
    Tell me all the things you wanna do
    I heard that you like the bad girls
    Honey, is that true?
    Ten years ago, this was the poetry that made me enamored with LDR and her music. The echoes of 50's Hollywood glamour, unrequited love, living on the edge between heaven and hell, and the stars aligning in perfect unity to create this record that would bring me so much comfort through some of the most challenging moments in my life. I'm currently listening to Video Games now, a decade later, and it still feels timeless as ever, and that feeling of timelessness shines through this sublime and life changing record. A true cultural reset, and i'm so proud of how expansive her catalog has become, and how she still presents unique perspectives through music. Here's to another ten.
  9. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by Surf Noir in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    i'm making this post a day early...
    happy 10th birthday, amazing, evocative, & world-changing BORN TO DIE! this is the album which brought lana del rey into stardom, notoriety, & catapulted her into the legend status she has worked hard to achieve over the years with other incredible albums such as "ultraviolence" & "honeymoon", this album contains some of her most polarizing & fascinating work, every song is it's own mystery, & every guitar pluck, vibrant lyric, & crooning of lana's sweet & distinct voice is a little hint of what it all means, this album is a deliciously dark mix of 40s/50s opulence & sordid stories of troubled love, despair, & hope, it's a true work of art & it is one of a kind, & i'd say it's aging like the finest wine, mixing together so many sounds & genres from different periods of time, i could easily say that it's timeless, however, many people didn't understand lana when she first arrived into the mainstream, she was faced with so much criticism because people couldn't understand her, they said she was a fake, she couldn't sing, she was weird, people thought she wasn't a good influence, however, i strongly disagree, her music is geniune & real, millions of people can relate to her music, she writes her songs in a way where they can beautifully fit any situation, feeling, or experience, in a way where you can see things in a new way, maybe with a new sense of beauty, even in things that may not appear beautiful at first glance, this album will stand the test of time & will continue to inspire & comfort, this is, the fantastic, notorious, polarizing, show-stopping BORN TO DIE! HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY! 
  10. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by takemetothegasstation in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    Interesting quote from a very early interview about this album:
    That's a great way to describe Lana's early B2D stuff. Does anybody have any interviews from August 2011 or earlier?
  11. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by COLORINGBOOKS in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    Don't forget Hundred Dollar Bill, it was written in 2009/posted on her SoundCloud in 2010/later included on the 2011 album sampler/performed live multiple times so she must've liked the song a lot. 
  12. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by Thunder Revenant in Born to Die - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    I'd LOVE an anniversary deluxe that features the songs & demos she actually "pushed" quite a lot before the final album was dropped.
    Like - the demos for Lolita, Radio, National Anthem and Diet Mountain Dew as well as You Can Be The Boss and Kinda Outta Luck.
  13. Alison by Slowdive liked a post in a topic by Cherry Blossom in LDR9 Speculation & Discussion Thread   
    i’m so tired of these. like i don’t even have the energy to comment on their video. it’s at the stage now where if you don’t want to try and like lana or understand her, you’ll just be a sheep and hate her for no valid reason besides the fact that it’s what everyone else does. she’s never fallen from grace, she’s never been a ‘gracious’ pop star, and she’s honestly more critically successful than ever and her sales are fine. so fucking annoying. literally the prime example of if you get it you get it and if you don’t you don’t 
  14. Cherry Blossom liked a post in a topic by bff in Gia Woods   
    The 26 year old Gia Woods is an extremely underrated underground pop artist. Born May 22, 1996, Gia has been developing her sound and artistry into a dark pop type beat that meshes perfectly with her sultry voice.

    Her most recent EP, “Heartbreak County, vol. 1” features 4 tracks: Enough of You, Oh My God, Next Girlfriend, and Fame Kills.

    Gia’s debut EP, “Cut Season”, was released in 2020–and has some really great pop songs, especially the singles.

    Gia is also teasing a new song coming soon, releasing an amazing snippet of a track from Heartbreak County vol. 2:
    Gia also has some rather forgettable pop tracks from 2015-2019 that got pretty popular, but their sound very generic compared to her new music. She’s really coming into her own right now!

    (not to mention she’s like, absolutely stunning)
    Also she’s a lesbian. She’s for the gays.

    Needless to say, Gia Woods is an incredibly talented pop artist who deserves her flowers! She’s one of my favorite new pop artists to recently emerge and I really hope she breaks through soon with her more recent songs. Stan Gia Woods!
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