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  1. I'm still in disbelief about this serve
  2. I’m obsessed with Sugarcane and Crushing
  3. It’s simultaneously very clever and very iconic of her to troll religious wackos with her new persona lol I’m here for it
  4. Ooooh that’s not…
  5. This BIH …what was even more WTF about this post is how exaggerated people’s reactions were to this, calling Lana racist or saying she ruined her career like LOL
  6. Once I had a fun thought about the lore in the series (Hotel and Red Tide)
  7. I haven’t seen NYC but I sure am looking forward to seeing Emma and Kim I wonder what the season will be about
  8. I gave a guy a lapdance to Gibson Girl once
  9. Honestly I’m grateful to hand my data to Lana/her team
  10. It's not coming out this year y'all
  11. Internalised homophobia jumped out with all this moral panic about a fun song that’s not even vulgar in the slightest
  12. The cover is kinda goofy
  13. Should be Margaret tho I mean one that makes me siiiiiing in the minor key
  14. 1. Yes To Heaven ~ invites Taylor Swift on stage ~ 2. Snow on the beach (Lana as backing vocals ONLY) ~ Lana walks off stage ~ 3. Taylor performs an Eras Tour setlist
  15. A song from AKA on a setlist would be astronomically absurd
  16. So when are the B-Sides coming???
  17. A central European country that shan't be named We always get new app features very late
  18. The only songs on Froot I don’t like that much are Better Than That and Weeds. The rest is
  19. Post FROOT albums simply aren't as good as her first 3 LPs. Case closed
  20. It’ll feel so surreal when she finally releases this album in 2038 like will life still make sense?
  21. That comment saying smth like Girl you didn't release All To Well 10min version you gr**med children SENT ME
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