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  1. this song used to pop up on my tiktok a lot and i really don't know how to feel about it on the one hand, i do quite like the song itself and lana has inspired basically everybody on the alt/alt-pop scene - and if lana doesn't wanna make cute summery bops like this anymore, hey, why not let someone else do it!? BUT on the other hand... idk, i think it's a little too similar for me to really enjoy it? because it's not just the overall vibe of the song or even the visual tropes - the girl's vocals and cadence are strikingly similar to lana's, which is something that she'll have to train herself out of if she wants any distinct identity as a musician. and i'm not saying lana has a monopoly on certain references, but in this one song alone: 'driving up the West Coast', Lou Reed, the open road, 'in the summertime it can be so cruel', Sid and Nancy, 'real love can be a dangerous game'... idk, it does stick out to me a bit :/ also for anybody curious she is mega rich w/ industry connections and mega rich parents lol i only discovered this cause i was trying to figure out how da fuck she managed to get Air on this song
  2. i think lana is gonna be absolutely over the moon with this wow. if you write like a living legend, sing like a living legend, are treated like a living legend and are revered by living legends... you're probably a living legend
  3. if it’s any consolation to the people who attended, i know you had a shorter show and that really sucks and it sounds like such a stressful experience, but just know that you were still a part of lipster history and lana will never forget this show, the chaos is difficult in the moment but in hindsight you’ll look back and be like “now that was a concert to remember!”
  4. omg i’m so sorry for everyone that was there and had a difficult experience!! but wow, the new songs sound fucking FIREEEE - i’m really praying the new intro is not just an intro and will actually end up on the next album! the drama, the tempo, everything… we need it collectively as a fanbase pls of all the videos i’ve seen - which admittedly isn’t a lot, but yknow - lana seemed sooo comfortable on stage tonight. there seemed to be a vibe of like…. camaraderie and hanging out with buddies? i love that for her. and that dress was perfect on her
  5. last year in lana fandom was a total fever dream like "on tour lana played the ride monologue before the song itself and showed old lizzy grant clips as it played and then also when her album came out she took out one singular billboard in her ex's hometown and posted about it on instagram to be petty and she soundchecked I Talk To Jesus at one point and she also opened up with A&W followed by Y&B and its a total sonic whiplash and-" OK GRANDMA LETS GET YOU BACK TO BED !
  6. am i crazy or did she soundcheck ITTJ last year too?
  7. no this is so weird i normally don't expect anything too different from a lana show but tonight i feel a shaking in the earth's core i fear lipster history is about to be made...
  8. seeing the lana crowds shift from flower crowns to hair bows and heart sunglasses makes me feel so old
  9. when she randomly brings out stevie nicks to sing BPBP and then when i go see stevie nicks in a few weeks she returns the favour by bringing out lana and they sing together again omg manifesting x
  10. right omg..... what is coachella i've never heard of her it's all about #Fenway babyyyyy
  11. Anyone can start again Not through love, but through revenge Through the fire, we're born again Peace by vengeance brings the end vs Fear fun, fear love Fresh out of fucks forever
  12. the devastation if the setlist is the same OMGGG..... plz come thru tonight lana this has the potential to be the coachella we needed but clearly didn't deserve
  13. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel World vs Driving In Cars With Boys
  14. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Ultraviolence vs In Wendy
  15. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Without You vs Ultraviolence
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