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  1. The twitter insider said "no covers", not "no collaborations". I doubt that the Quavo song will be on the album though. But I *do* think that Lasso won't be a typical "country" album at all. I mean, she used the term "Americana" back in September, which is much broader than "country", and Lana isn't particularly reliable when it comes to describing her own music, lol.
  2. Remember what Lana said last September? Jack also said that both of them are heading into a very strange place artistically, and that Lana does not intend to conform, but will keep on pushing the boundaries and trying new things. Given that they've been working on Lasso for 4 years, this tidbit from Antonoff's Vulture interview is quite interesting: So perhaps Lasso will be structurally similar to Ocean Blvd? A more country/folk/Americana-oriented first half that slowly merges into something experimental and playful and genre-bending?
  3. It's a very interesting track. It's jazzy, retro, and yet refreshingly modern, spacey, and experimental. Hopefully this is a sign of what Lana and Jack have been cooking regarding Lasso: a playful reconstruction and a unique (and unquestionably Lana-esque) spin on a music genre.
  4. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/beyonce-texas-hold-em/
  5. These are slightly underwhelming. Texas Hold ‘Em is cute, but it should have been way shorter. 16 Carriages is stronger, but still far from top-tier, especially compared to Daddy Lessons which is a truly great song. I’m kinda worried, but hopefully Beyoncé will prove me wrong. Break My Soul was similarly underwhelming (still better though ngl) when I first listened to it, but Renaissance was terrific.
  6. According to an allegedly reliable insider, there are no covers on the album. But the album isn't finished, so anything is possible!
  7. mother is mothering etc.
  8. Or...Lasso could be split into two parts: the first part has this nostalgic "oldies" feel (songs inspired by Wynette, Cash, Cline, Sinatra and all those great country singers of the 50's/60's/70's), and the second part is basically Lana updating and subverting the genre with an unexpected and completely modern take, blending different styles together (something similar to the transitions and playfulness of A&W and Taco Truck).
  9. Lana's definition of country: constantly dressed in black, listening to G-Eazy, and hanging out with Quavo. She's so fucking random lmao.
  10. @barttttender Absolutely! Johnny Guitar is a masterpiece, in my opinion. Ahead of its time, gloriously melodramatic, and astoundingly subversive. How often do we see a female lead in a western? And the antagonist is a woman, too! @rosemeadexclusivebbnewyorkcity Another Delphine Seyrig fan! I hope that the opening track will have an iconic intro. Imagine something similar to the legendary intro of Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)...
  11. A Western-themed project sounds like something much bigger than a MV. It could be a series of MVs for 2-3 songs, or even a short film. It could be anything really! I mean, she did tell us that "things are about to get crazy for a long time". Anyway, I hope that the visuals/covers will be inspired by Joan Crawford in Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar. Now, that's my definition of cuntry.
  12. Yeah, they're probably talking about Blue Skies, but our allegedly reliable insider (@imchic336) liked this tweet when someone asked them if a Lasso single is coming, so... (Blue Skies is a cover, and they said that - at this stage at least - no covers are included in Lasso) https://twitter.com/somethingtoblve/status/1754927550592090549
  13. Releasing the lead single in April (Coachella month) would be awesome. We're probably getting "Blue Skies" this month so there's no need to rush things. I think that she must be in the final stages of production; she might go back to Nashville and work with Laird again or she might keep working with Jack during these last 2-3 months, but she'll obviously be in California in April because of Coachella, so she might have the final session(s) with Jack around that time. Which kind of makes sense; it'd be a 5-month gap between April and September (assuming the album will be released then) and vinyls etc. will probably be ready on time.
  14. I really thought that she would win Best Alternative Music Performance. She had *no* competition at all. A&W was the most acclaimed song of 2023. It topped all the major publications' lists. It received a SOTY nomination. There was no fucking competition! When she lost that, I knew that she'd leave empty-handed. I mean, I get it, for some bizarre reason "the record" was the most acclaimed album of 2023 so it beating Ocean Blvd in the Alternative Album category was a plausible scenario as much as we don't like it. But the Scammys refusing to give Lana the Alternative Performance Grammy despite the fact that 2023 was a huge year for her both commercially and critically and that she had a unanimously raved song? It's an insane and disgusting snub.
  15. I think that she will. Didn't Antonoff mention that he and Lana are heading into a very strange place artistically? Given the acclaim for A&W, I doubt that there won't be at least a few weird/experimental touches. Yes, the Tammy Wynette/Johnny Cash/Patsy Cline/Nancy Sinatra etc. influence will probably be very strong. She worships and adores these artists, and I'm pretty sure that evoking - and reviving - their soundscape will be one of the key elements of the new album (Lana will adjust the genre to her own sensibilities and style of course). I'm not expecting generic modern country at all. If anything, the "Henry, come on" snippet is serving Ultraviolence outtakes/Sirens/Yayo-esque realness. So a combination of sparse acoustic minimalism and lush 50's/60's country/folk/Americana productions is quite possible and extremely promising, too. The fact that Lana and Jack have been working on this project for four years is very intriguing; Chemtrails, certain sections of NFR, Ocean Blvd and Blue Banisters feel like a prologue and an early taste of what she wanted to explore and delve into. 2023 must have been an insanely productive year for her; she was in the studio with Jack back in December 2022, recorded many songs in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi, and, based on what she said on her IG story a week ago, just finished another songwriting section with Luke Laird and is currently recording new songs with Jack in L.A. I haven't seen her so proud and excited about a project since 2018 when she started working with Jack and gave us Mariners and Venice Bitch. I dunno, I have a very good feeling about this! If she plays her cards right, this could be a monumental achievement; she could re-define and re-introduce country and folk music to the general public. And if she does pull this off, it'll be another game-changer.
  16. Absolutely. Didn't she record the majority of the new album in the south btw? I'm not expecting Chemtrails redux in terms of sound and aesthetics. And this feels like a real passion project for her. I'm cautiously optimistic despite not being a particularly big fan of country music! I'd love a dark southern vibe along with some 50's/60's country aesthetic (Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline etc.). Anyway, the Taylor album title kind of feels like a parody of Lana's long titles, ngl. But a collaboration is quite possible!
  17. Yeah, it feels like the nominees know whether they've won something or not. Taylor, SZA and Billie will probably win the big three.
  18. I kinda love how campy and theatrical Lana's look is. It's imperfect - the bangs should have been shorter and a gown would have been more striking for sure -, but I dig it!
  19. OMG. The bangs! The bow! The "attending the Scammys' funeral" vibes! It's giving lush dark Nancy Sinatra as a rich snobbish cunt(r)y socialite widow.
  20. Ocean Blvd is too personal, too diverse, too complex to win those conservative members over. It's one of the strangest and most idiosyncratic albums as it somehow manages to blend different genres into something wholly singular. Of course they'd pick the beige mediocrity of "the record" over it. They're so transparent and their dislike towards Lana is astonishingly obvious at this point. I mean, the Scammys almost always reward mediocrity over greatness so the results aren't particularly surprising, but what makes me truly mad is that they gave Best Alternative Performance to Paramore. A&W is the most acclaimed song of 2023, topping nearly every single important critics' list in the US. It's an undeniable achievement. It's the only song in that category that was literally nominated for SOTY! This is absolutely preposterous. She'll never be taken seriously by these flops. She's not "popular enough" to win the major categories; she's not "alternative" enough to win the smaller ones; hell, she'll probably submit "Lasso" in the country categories next year - assuming she does release that album -, and they will snub her AGAIN even if it's the most acclaimed album of the year, because she won't be considered "country" enough. She'll never win, and she shouldn't give any fucks anymore. They truly don't deserve her.
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