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  1. I'm coming out of seclusion to rant about the beauty of this album. It doesn't beat UV, but it's amazing dark mood music. BEST TRACK: "God Knows I Tried." Seems slow and dull, but is actually majestic. The lyrics are perfectly Lana and also perfectly me. I almost cried the first time I heard that "Let there be light, light up my life" part of the bridge.
  2. LifeisBeautiful

    Frank Ocean

    Pyrite is an unreleased Lonnie Breaux song. You can get it in torrents.
  3. LifeisBeautiful

    Frank Ocean

    Bad Religion= my life. I cried so much after listening to that song. Also Pyrite. Essential sad tunes for any gay person who has fallen in love with a "straight" friend who will sleep with you and do nothing more.
  4. I often facepalm at Lana's lyrics (but I have some tattooed on me as well...) LOL. I fucking hate every reference to "your golden grill." I also think the lyrics to "Stoplite Delite" are dumb, especially: "Fly body, dope in the face." I thought the song was really cute and catchy till I caught myself singing that godawful line.
  5. 3 yrs??? Damn, time flies. Like others said, I didn't think much of Lana at first. I remember my brother telling me to check out "Blue Jeans" and I was like "Oh, I know her. Her voice is ok, but I don't fucking get it. She's nothing special." LOL. Took me until UV to actually get it
  6. I don't have any particular opinion on Franco but, DAMN, do I relate to the idea that Lana created her own world to escape from the disappointment of this one. That's basically what I have done all my life in my writing.
  7. Fuck everyone who gets to go to this! Lana, Florence, Marina, Ryan Adams AND Conor Oberst?! It's like all of the sad people I like in one place at the same time...
  8. I forgot to add that I also relate to the juxtaposition of Lana the person vs. Lana the writer. So much of what she writes is heavy, dark and depressing as hell yet her character in settings with fans is delightfully cheery and friendly. I think I'm like this too. It's about having 2 different facets to your personality and needing to express both in different ways.
  9. Unpopular opinion or not?- This Is What Makes Us Girls is actually a great story song.
  10. This may be a dumb question, but are they back together? They are cool just working with each other like this after all of the turmoil?
  11. An addition to UV is an awesome idea. She should do it for all of her albums. To me, Paradise was the dark side of Born to Die. Maybe she could make a light side to UV...
  12. I want this now. I love Lana's high voice, where it sounds like she's crying.
  13. I really liked this article (now that it's been properly translated) and it further confirmed for me that Lana has never really wanted fame. I can see her ending up like Kate Bush or something.
  14. I would kiss Lana for sure, like you're gonna pass that chance up out of respect. Oh, hell no! LOL. I mean I respect Lana greatly and think she's slightly crazy for doing this with fans, but imagine the stories you'd have. And what if you wound up getting some virus from her? You could tell everyone that you got ill from making out with Lana Del Rey
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