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  1. I don’t think artists owe it to anyone to be role model or exemplify good behavior. I think art should push boundaries, be brave, and more than anything be authentic to the artist! So, light up if she wants! My favorite part of Taco Truck is when she yells drop acid let’s go lake placid!
  2. This is the type of yeehaw I want! 🤠🤠 More ready than ever for Lasso. Cowboy Carter mix of styles will smash. guess I’ll order those cowboy boots that have been sitting in my cart for a minute lol
  3. Lana in McQueen is a dream collab. Dark gothic vibes and always edgy - I hope this is the beginning of a long fashion relationship
  4. I was just in California last week… but if week two still isn’t sold out I might need to price out a second visit for Lana 🤔
  5. I'd love some type of country twist on Soundin off bang bang, kiss kiss Hoping this will be a world building album and more about vibes than personal lyrics
  6. Don’t forget that Presidents elect Supreme Court justices who serve for life and ultimately shape all major decisions on social justice issues and abortion access to name a few. If people don’t want to vote for the president, consider voting because their decisions and cabinet appointees will have a lasting impact
  7. id love that. But, in a recent interview for The Cut they asked Kacy what she thought about more people dabbling in country this year and she said “the more the fucking merrier. I really don’t care. It doesn’t affect what I’m doing.” I don’t know how to interpret that, but it sounds like she’ll be staying away from those projects
  8. Wade Crescent was DJing - Nikki Lane’s bf. There’s a big art week going on in LA right now which is why Hans was there and a lot of other art critics. I’ve never heard of this foundation though even though I’m in the art world
  9. Lana stopped by this party held at private residence in LA - I think because her friend was the DJ. My friend was at the party last night but I was waiting to see if any official photos would be released
  10. I’m not usually this delusional but I’ve had a margarita so humor me - I want an album teaser video where she’s riding a horse and lassoing up a hot farm guy. Campy, like the NFR teaser
  11. Well, I guess her first Grammy will be in the country music category next year 😅
  12. I really want Hey Blue Baby on this! Hoping all the hey blue uploads get removed from YouTube so we get confirmation 😏 would also love an Orville peck collab but I know that’s a stretch **Sorry, I double posted - I was on the subway and didn't know it already uploaded!
  13. I'll be happy getting a country album so long as Lana's having fun with it. She had so much energy and fun singing Hey Blue Baby! If we can get that, Prettiest girl in Country Music, + a Dolly track? Sign me up. I'd love to see Orville Peck on it too.
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