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  1. In no particular order, Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey don't smile at me - Billie Eilish Reputation - Taylor Swift Harry Styles Dua Lipa DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar (even though I hate rap from the bottom my heart dsafskj) Younger Now - Miley Cyrus Pure Comedy - Father John Misty Number 1 Angel - Charli XCX Trip - Jhene Aiko Just the Beginning - Grace VanderWaal Wabi Sabi - OIJ Something To Tell You - HAIM Desire - Hurts kind of ended up scrolling through new releases on spotify and typed down almost every album I've liked...
  2. actually she was in the Heineken Music Hall in 2013 but true not really anyone knows her here RIP i guess more chance for real fans to meet her tho
  3. I was reading some interviews again (I just love reading her sentences and hearing her voice in my head lol) and she metioned some books there too http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/cover-story/6737539/lana-del-rey-billboard-cover-pop-stardom-relationships-anxiety
  4. okay so, idk some time ago, I had this really strange and vague dream that Rihanna tweeted something like she needed help or something and Lana retweeted it and she either said something very hateful about it or something sweet but I don't remember... It was very weird tho considering I rarely use twitter and also don't know anything about Rihanna but it was around that time when Lana started following her and Ariana Grande on twitter (does she actually?) so that must have gotten me in my dream bc I was confused about it . But this week I dreamt I was sitting somewhere, I think I was reading a book and Lana was shooting something, I think a music video or something, I was ofc not reading my book but tried to look not too obvious lol and then they had to change her outfit, hair and make-up etc. so and then the people had to get something so they left Lana sitting in a chair and she just sat there exactly like this lmao so I walked up to her, leaving all my stuff behind on that bench, and I hugged her and she hugged back, it was a really tight hug and also really long, it almost became awkward... But then she started to ask me questions about this era like, did you like this? what did you think of this? and more things as if she was very insecure about what she was doing and she genuinely cared for what we thought about all the things in this era. So I answered that everything was amazing and fucking perfect and that I was very excited for everything that still had to come. I think that was when I woke up... but I wanted to walk back to the place where I was sitting to get my phone to take a selfie and something to sign.. and I also wanted to ask what she thinks about how Marilyn Monroe died and what she thinks about Jesus/God/religion etc. and about her philosophic view on things... but I did't and I woke up weird thing btw is that I usually don't dream much and especially not about Lana (and I dreamt about her 2 times in this week but I forgot the last one ) but when I dream something that is not a nightmare it is usually a predictional dream..
  5. ok first I was like "tf she's not T Swift.." but uhm it actually makes kinda sense.. I think..
  6. I find this thread so interesting that it deserves my first reply on Lanaboards lol I read this interview with Lizzy a while ago and she mentions a book in it too http://www.repeatfanzine.co.uk/interviews/Lana%20Del%20Rey.htm
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