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  1. I think that in some parts Lana’s singing in a different register to the song so it sounds a little odd, i feel kinda bad for taylor because people demanded more lana but i do have to say i wish both her and lana’s voices were on the last chorus together, lana’s sounds a little weird on its own still sm better than the og tho
  2. The choruses of Lana sound great but idk about the verses yet… still so happy we got this version tho
  3. https://twitter.com/chartlana/status/1660588329639854080?s=46
  4. Well I doubt she had anything to do with the sped up version lol
  5. Lana also releasing on a Friday.. how far we’ve come
  6. Everyone thinking it was the listening party 😭
  7. just some random version i found on that site 😭 turns out it’s an edit mod note: don't share where to find leaks
  8. i guess i’m just gonna have to wait and see if that site version is real, but i guess a new version = new vocals? or not… mod note: don't share where to find leaks
  9. there’s a version of SYTH on that site that sounds strikingly real, and it’s 3:22–it’s the most recent one on that site 😭 i’m probs wrong tho (strikingly real as in the version we’ll get, but tbh idrk all the versions of this song too well) mode note: don't share where to find leaks
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