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  1. I feel this, I'll be happy if she shows up with a cute dress lol but pls pls add more bombastic UV songs to the setlist
  2. god same, not to be mean but she'll ruin the whole harmony, there's no pitch correction for the coachella mic I think? And Lana has way better collabs than that song
  3. I picked up Every Dead Thing by John Connolly, I haven't started it yet but I think it matches what you're looking for! I found this rec as I was searching for media that felt like True Detective season 1 lol
  4. Rapunzel! From the old Barbie movie and Tangled bcs of the pfp of Lana in the window! You also seem very kind and smart s2
  5. a single please? spare a single ma'am? please a single?
  6. it's trueeee, also their fries are my fave lana looks so prettyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. yes! this is the perfect imagery, also just that vibe of going home after a day at the beach, the sky is that beautiful color going into the sunset and you're feeling kinda sleepy while your hair is drying out from a swim
  8. lanita pls free henry come on I want to yeehaw
  9. riiight! charlie our primooo kinda loving this lol, it's cool and he has a very nice speaking voice
  10. Cult Leader

    Charles Grant

    what's his spotify tho I hope he posts a link lol
  11. Cult Leader

    Charles Grant

    wait I remember he posted ages ago asking abt brazillian producers, imagine if he says something in portuguese, I'll have no choice but to stan a little for the effort
  12. Cult Leader

    Charles Grant

    kinda excited
  13. got your bible, got your gun
  14. she'll probably just drown him in legal fees, which is well a bit evil? He's a 21 year old student posting public information like this is so embarrassing for her
  15. HauteLeMode liked Lana's look oh he gets her I fear which I wasn't expecting but it's nice to see!
  16. Honestly yeah, I think desperation for grammys diminishes the art a bit idk, and even now with her doing more interviews and magazine covers I still felt she was being authentic and just proud of her work, not desperate for a worthless popularity contest, she lets her art speak for itself and doesn't play their games I've always loved her for her honesty and originality. I can't wait for Lasso and to see where her poetry leads her next
  17. oh pink champagne came on and it's just making me sadder. Honestly, Grammys are meaningless, Lana is the best songwriter of this generation, one of the most talented of all time in my humble opinion, her legacy will live on, she is more than a worthless grammy bcs she is art
  18. literally, they love mediocrity it seem, I'm so done with watching award shows, as we've seen they mean nothing
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