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  1. is Girl of My Dreams a real song? i never knew of this leak and i can't find it other than a video on youtube but apparently it leaked last year around christmas time?

  2. 46 minutes ago, ChaoticLipster said:

    is Galina about her sex drive/Libido and vajayjay? I think it is.


    Galina, wake up
    I'm running out of luck
    And I get so ugly without you (oh, oh, oh)

    Got to bring her back to me
    It's more than saving face


    My hand's turnin' red and dry
    She keeps sleepin' in her bed

    My face crackin' in the light
    Her lips part, the tiniest smile





    i don't know about that but she said in an interview (posted on TikTok) that Galina is a real person who is important to her spiritually ("a mystical important person" in her history) but that she wasn't gonna reveal who

  3. i think it's probably my fav album of hers!

    i got my poster today and the package has a huge FRAGILE sticker yet it looks like someone took the time to jump on it and my poster is bent to shit. slay!

  4. The Black Eye single vinyl has a different version than the released! i originally thought it was just the instrumental but then like a minute into it vocals came in lmao. almost sounds like a remix?

  5. i just received my GWNF deluxe gatefold vinyl and it's gorge but i didn't get the poster.. i reached out to customer support but idk i've never had any issues ordering from her before

  6. On 2/21/2024 at 8:11 AM, Anonymcomenter said:

    Is it only me or is the final production a little different from the leaks? I don’t know since I chose to not listen to the album again until it was released 

    anyway, great song! 


    pretty sure the leaked version of the album are all the final mixes, i'm not noticing any differences....

    except..... i have apple music and something interesting i've noticed is if i add a song to my library from a file & also have it in my library from apple music, the file i uploaded will say "Matched" as the cloud status, meaning it's available on apple music. the only song from the leaked version that says "Matched" is Black Eye


  7. i'm jus gonna say one last thing about SPM without trying to cause drama

    but idk some of the complaints are silly like i saw some people complaining about lyricism WHAT are you expecting... did you listen to the OG slut pop ep...

    this era is goofy and fun but it's also very vapid but... that's the point. it's camp. my fav part about SPM is definitely the adverts.

    i will say my one disappointment is i feel like most of the songs feel a little too stripped back compared to the OG slut pop, but it still has some bops and it's fun to listen to while pregaming.

    the best part of this era for me is it seems like Kim had a lot of fun with it, it even sounds like it in some songs. so i'm not upset.


    stream whale cock!


    also Rim Job is literally so funny i was cackling when i first played it

  8. 3 minutes ago, details said:

    that's the whole point boo, you can't wear a slayyyter wig and then be slayyyter. kim is her own person and got her own thing going on, trying to act like someone else (and doing it really poorly) is foolish and quite corny, not to mention unoriginal. kim being sexual was never the problem, songs like do me, dirty things, sex talk and even death by sex, all great songs, and then there's ridiculous stuff like treat me like a hoe and the entirety of slut pop. there's an ocean of difference between them, know the difference.


    i do know the difference! i'm pretty sure i've mentioned in this very thread that treat me like a hoe is an awful song, and i still think that. 

    i just feel like some people are being a little too harsh on the hyper sexualization image, which to me feels like parody, when she's only doing it for an era. slayyyter didn't invent hyper sexualization, it's seen in a ton of media before and after her. do i think slayyyter does it best? hell yeah. and just because kim is doing hyper sexual doesn't mean she's copying slayyyter. 


    i'm not here to compare women to each other though, i'm past that!

  9. while i will agree that slut pop is obviously not kim's strongest, some of the takes on here are.... interesting to say the least. kim's not the first person to do this hypersexuality image, but the reactions to her doing it for an era where there are some artists who are praised for that being their sole image is.... funny to see to say the least. 


    i see it as a a fun project with bops to dance to, not like i'm expecting top tier lyricism from this era. i'll enjoy listening to it on my way to and from the club while y'all hate!

  10. 25 minutes ago, Party Favor said:

    what's everyone's current top 10?


    sun bleached flies
    hard times
    dust bowl
    ad nauseam
    waco, texas
    michelle pfeiffer






    Sun Bleached Flies

    Michelle Pfeiffer (Solo)

    Knuckle Velvet

    Waco, Texas

    Stomping Ground

    Wrestling In Dirt Pits

    Dust Bowl


    Crying During Sex


    this woman is ART

  11. On 1/15/2024 at 1:19 AM, cherryblossoms said:

    The chorus of One of Your Girls by Troye Sivan kinda has the same melody as True Love is Violent’s chorus (minus a few notes)


    i thought this the first time i heard this song and was like wayaminut....

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