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    she's actually endorsing NFT as a critique of capitalism and how celebrities will sell their soul for money at the expense of the environment...just like how she made sure Good Ones flopped as a statement on pop music...mind of a mastermind

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    manifesting a full remixed / remastered XCX World album by @LMAlejandro 
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    Hey Everyone, 
    Here is my live Charli Folder.  It includes;
    Tours Streams Live Audios Performances Documentaries (F Word and Me, Redbull Interview) If anyone else has any HD performances, please dm me and i'll add. I'll keep adding as a go and if I manage to find anymore i'll add. 
    Thanks enjoy!!!
    Password - VKv2BTyd20NW6zl3HsCJ8w
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    I just updated it!
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    Here is my updated masterpost of Charli's unreleased songs!

    Link: https://mega.nz/#F!YtNDBIZK
    Decryption key: xkhfIUkkxs9ZR8ucg6l2yQ

    So, what's included in the masterpost?
    The masterpost includes unreleased songs, demos of released and unreleased songs, writer's demos (both from Charli and other artists), and edits of both released and unreleased songs.

    How is the masterpost organized?
    The masterpost contains 13 files, listed by year, in which songs are listed alphabetically. Each year from 2007 - 2019 has its own file, with the exception of '2008/2009' and the 'Unknown Years' folder. Demos of released songs which had a different name during the demo stage are named accordingly (e.g. All Over, the demo for Emotional, is listed simply as "All Over (Demo)").

    See that the post is missing something?
    See an edit of yours in here that you want removed?
    See an edit that isn't credited correctly?
    Have a higher quality version of a song than is in the post?
    With this much material it's almost certain I've missed something, so let me know, and I'll see to it!
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