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  1. 6 minutes ago, Terrence Loves Me said:

    Remember leakfest 2020?? when we got I Talk To Jesus, Life is Beautiful, Living Legend, Thunder etc. Those were the days. Leakfest 2023 wishes :oprah3:

    #IStandWithHoneymoonDaddy #HoneymoonDaddysupremacy

    we basically had this equivalent in march with the tropico leaks tbh

  2. Just now, bigwavesurfer bywaimeabay said:

    tbh i really dont get the hype over paradise (2015) snippet sounds mediocre and mid to me

    same! i was only hyped when the title was unknown and we all thought it was an axl rose husband rework and we thought it was for tropico


    now i just dgaf 

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