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  1. Just now, your dealer said:


    no ):


    she just commented on her honeymoon account saying she doesnt think there will be anymore (her wrist is tired) 


    Just now, BlueRibbonSparklerBaby said:


    Maybe she’ll use the other wrist🥴

  2. 15 hours ago, honeyxmoon said:

    Piccadilly Records is the cheapest out there (around 35€ including shipping) :lolliney:

    Mmmm... that's most likely to be the UK one, the US site is the www.shoplanadelrey.com

    Does that mean all of the US bundles are sold out? I was told to use the universal store cause most stuff is still stock EDIT: nvm I’m stupid I just realized the universal store offers shipping to the us but that doesn’t include the bundles the moment 

  3. I’m here to remind everyone Lana said she would go deeper in what feminism is to her... I hope she clears up better her controversial statement... because either it could go bad or good if she clears up everything. I’m a little worried thought it might be controversial and she gets trending and cancelled again

    I was thinking about that the other day. People are ruthless and I really don't want her to get dragged again :(

  4. She probably said nothing about Chemtrails for two reasons:

    1- not to confuse fans with too many projects at once (even here, we were kinda confused about Violet, Chem and Behind the iron gates, what was what and what was released with what).

    2- out of respect for Violet, which was a long time in the making, you don’t mention the next steps of the next project right away. Plus we would have harassed her about bundles with Chem in it, let’s face it.

    Agreed. Besides, she said in the video "I'll send you more info as I get it" At the end of the day, she's not the only one in charge of when things get released.
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