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  1. Is there any speculation for when the rose necklace will be coming back?
  2. Noooooo😩😩😩😩😩 Maybe she’ll use the other wrist🥴
  3. Do we think the US is gonna get a restock of the signed cds?
  4. Does that mean all of the US bundles are sold out? I was told to use the universal store cause most stuff is still stock EDIT: nvm I’m stupid I just realized the universal store offers shipping to the us but that doesn’t include the bundles the moment
  5. Okay I’m slightly confused because when I go to the US universal store and try to buy a bundle the description says available for UK only???
  6. My “local” record store is pretty far away but it doesn’t matter cause I will be there early asf even if it kills me
  7. Off to the Races vs Ride
  8. I was thinking about that the other day. People are ruthless and I really don't want her to get dragged again
  9. Anyone know if the green vinyl will be sold on any US sites? Or will it only be avaiable specifically from UK retailers? I tried ordering it but shipping was really expensive and I don't wanna pay more than the vinyl costs just for shipping
  10. Anyone else having issues with payment? I tried to order the collector's edition but the website wouldn't accept my card. I've already checked in with my bank and card company and there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to make a purchase. Anyways, I contacted customer service and now I'm just waiting for a response
  11. So do y'all think the bundles are going to go up once the audiobook is released? I feel like any other time would be kind of strange
  12. HM and LFL have always been my least favorites but I can never make up my mind. Hopefully COCC will pull through and be better than both of them
  13. It's from a video call she recently did with Chuck and one of her friends.
  14. Agreed. Besides, she said in the video "I'll send you more info as I get it" At the end of the day, she's not the only one in charge of when things get released.
  15. "The earth shattered, the sky opened. The rain was fire but we were wooden" One of my favorite lyrics tbh
  16. Lmao what have I stumbled upon."Pro pedophilia" my ass. I'm assuming the person who tweeted that was just a fan who wanted to mess with her or a hater. Everyone already said this, but Lana probably thought it was funny so she retweeted it. I really don't thinks it's that deep. And even if that person really DID think that she's "pro pedophilia", they most likely got that idea from the whole "Lolita" aesthetic or the fact that "Put me in a movie" has very strong DD/lg vibes. Obviously, neither of those things are pedophilia, but they both have a lot of common misconceptions around them.
  17. Totally agree. Live or Die is fun and all but it's wayyy over hyped in terms of unreleased songs. Hey baby blue and I must be stupid for being so happy were only good as a one time performance thing.. oops
  18. Honeymouns may not be directly affiliated with Lana's team (obviously), but I feel like he's usually a pretty credible source. He made a post listing items that were supposed to go on the website eventually. He mentioned that there would be a "cassette version" and a "tape deck". His words not mine, but I'm confused because I though a tape deck wasn't the same thing as a cassette? Wouldn't they both be called a cassette if they're the same thing? IDK maybe I'm just dumb
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