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  1. I don't understand all the hate for the laptop demos, whenever one leaks the thread is filled with "we don't want this, unleak it" " this sounds awful, I hate this, leak *blank* instead", it comes across as really entitled to me at least, I personally really enjoy and am really grateful for any unheard Lana material. I understand how sought after songs like Unidentified Flying Bill and Garden Of Eden, I want them to leak too, but I don't understand the mindset of people who go out of their way to hate on a song that other users enjoy and appreciate. Sorry for ranting, just something that I've been seeing in the Roll With Me/Bellevue leak threads

  2. My ranking changes on a seemingly daily basis, but after a few listens to Chemtrails, here's where it falls in my initial reranking, I could see it potentially becoming my favorite Lana album




    Chemtrails Over The Country Club

    Norman Fucking Rockwell



    Born To Die

    Lust For Life


  3. Spoiler

    I feel like DTWD solidified my theory that Lana has a secret child, I'll be listing off my pieces of evidence, I know I'm probably reaching and I shouldn't take lyrics to such a literal degree


    • Dance Til We Die: "Clementine's not just a fruit, It's my daughter's chosen name"
    • Cherry Blossom: "And when you're scared, I'll be right here. You feel afraid, mommy is there"
    • How To Disappear: "I've got a kid and two cats in the yard"
    • Grimes Interview for NME: "I think it could go anywhere from a simple Maria Estela to, like, Ivory Cricket"



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