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  1. happy 10th birthday night time, my time <3. and fvck sky
  2. still obsessed with her 2022 met gala look btw. i really thought that was gonna be masochism’s year, like she was attending such an important event + all the festival dates that had been announced gave me sm hope i hate her
  3. omg her hair is so 2012 maybe masochism is really coming this year
  4. i swear she’s such a hard person but god was also cruel to her when her career was actually active with shit like this happened and constant delays lmao
  5. wait what is this scrapped heavy metal heart music video thing.. i was aware of the love in stereo one that got allegedly lost in a fire but not about ANOTHER scrapped mv from night time, my time
  6. can somebody send the links to the alleged fanmade new version of descending and instrumental of innocent kind?
  7. oh hatchie ABSOLUTELY … sadly quicksand alone annihilated sky’s entire career
  8. any songs that have the similar vibe of downhill lullaby and night time, my time recommendations?
  9. lol at this predicting the future
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