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  1. My sister just got this, from the Canada store.

    "We wanted to inform you that, unfortunately, a production delay has affected the Limited Edition Candy Necklace 7 Single in your order, and we do not currently have an expected timeframe for when this will ship. We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience caused. As soon as we receive an update regarding your order, we'll be back in touch with you!"

  2. 59 minutes ago, The Sun Also Rises said:


    That definitely seems like it's the case! I only bought from the Canadian store - not my native U.K. one  -because they were already all sold out there. So I guess I can't complain. But I can't wait to have it :wub:


    As an aside, how is everyone displaying the Candy Necklace 7" and DYKTTATUOB Picture Disc? 

    I'm going to look for a simple frame, for that size.

  3. I got the delay email and then yesterday, they sent me the Fedex tracking number, but it still hasn't actually shipped. Anyone else in the US, have this happen?

    I'm really hoping they're using bigger boxes, now. When I got my 4 booby vinyls, all of them were damaged, because they squeezed 8 LP's worth of records into a box that says it's only rated for up to 6. Before you say anything about me ordering 4 of each, it's because I open one to play and one for display, at my arcade. The other 2, I give away as either gifts or prizes at the pinball tournaments that I run.

  4. 1 hour ago, rosemead ramada said:

    I see that they moved the Candy Necklace pic disc to the bottom of the page. Maybe it might actually be limited edition, after all.

    But which one will she repress?!? I bet it would be the pink one bc that was an UO exclusive, but that Israeli website shows the green one coming

    The pink one is what I want the most, but I'd gladly take the blue one and the green one, too.

  5. 14 hours ago, TayLanaHoe said:

    And my nipple cover seems to be still lost in transit :( (it never made it to the US export warehouse) 


    let’s see how long it takes her store to respond to my email 🤡

    SO many people have been having trouble with the boobie vinyls being lost or damaged. After more than 2 weeks, Route (company that insures their orders) finally messaged me back about my damaged ones. Because they took so long to reply, they ended up being sold out by then and couldn't replace them. So, they offered to refund me, but they wanted to refund me through Paypal, instead of through the credit card that I had used. I refuse to ever use Paypal. I was told it would take up to 5 days for them to contact the Lana store and get them to refund the credit card. It's been over a week, and still no refund.

  6. 31 minutes ago, rosemead ramada said:

    Why they still allow 4 copies per customer is baffling. No one is buying four of anything for any purpose other than to resell. Two? Sure, someone might buy two for innocuous reasons. But not four. They know what people are doing and yet they do nothing to try and stop it

    I usually buy 4. One to listen to, one to collect and then I either gift the other two or sometimes use them as prizes, for the pinball tournaments that I run. Although, for the full size vinyls, I now only order 3, because they keep squeezing 4 of the 2LP vinyls into a box that says it's only designed to hold up to (3) 2LP's. This is why so many of them have been arriving damaged and they're so backlogged in emails and it now takes them over a week to reply for the returns/refunds.

  7. 27 minutes ago, Thats why they call me Dita said:

    Most definitely.. cos I’m already of the opinion I won’t buy it until I at least know if it will be repressed or not haha 

    Which was rarer? The cream, green or blue?


    I have the blue 

    From "rarest" to least "rare" would be: green, blue, cream, black. I have all four. Plus, the book, CD and cassette. The last one I need is the clear vinyl. That one is actually rare.

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