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  1. Have all the people that pre-ordered from the US store, gotten theirs? Mine looks great on the wall.
  2. Has ANYONE that ordered from the U.S. store had their Say Yes to Heaven disc actually ship, yet? My Fedex tracking STILL just says, "Label created".
  3. Everyone's will say that. It will always say 3 days from the day that you're checking it. Tomorrow, it will say the 24th.
  4. Mine finally arrived at the first Fedex depot! Should be here, tomorrow!
  5. Still no update on my tracking. This is highly unacceptable.
  6. Same with mine! On the 9th, they sent me the email about the shipping label being made, but it has yet to actually ship.
  7. My sister just got this, from the Canada store. "We wanted to inform you that, unfortunately, a production delay has affected the Limited Edition Candy Necklace 7 Single in your order, and we do not currently have an expected timeframe for when this will ship. We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience caused. As soon as we receive an update regarding your order, we'll be back in touch with you!"
  8. My Candy Necklace vinyl is out for delivery! Has anyone that ordered it from the Canadian store received tracking or anything, yet? My dear sister ordered from there and hasn't heard anything from them.
  9. I'm guessing they were pressed somewhere in Europe and that's why some people over there have already gotten theirs. The ones being shipped to North America must have got delayed in shipping to the warehouses, over here.
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