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  1. 20 millions dollars can feed a lot of homeless people. Waste of money seeing how H's album flopped despite it being a good album. Lana doesn't have to do anything. Her albums and streaming numbers do so well. Ocean Blvd sold 600,000 vinyl copies first week without promotion or music videos. The power.
  2. Mike Dean. Wow. And she's choosing to shelve that album because she didn't get a 20 million dollar roll out budget like H.
  3. Nobody who's worked with Sky ever bother to say anything. They don't even defend her. The situation is weird.
  4. According to Google, the producers for Masochism are: Ariel Rechtshaid Justin Raisen Jorge Elbrecht Mike Dean Bobby Gillespie.
  5. The clown is Sky who shelved her own album.
  6. Move on! Before the mods close this thread. I said what I said and I'm not debating. Put me on ignore if the facts I wrote bothers you so much.
  7. No it's not. The medical field laughs at the term "cisgender" . It's male or female. But lie to yourself honey. The mods are going to end up closing this thread for veering off topic again. Moving on.
  8. I'm not dragging anyone. It is what it is. The woke culture is ridiculous with all these pronouns and all these stupid woke ideologies. This is the real world not Tik Tok. I have corrected people who have called me Cis. To me Cis is an insult. I am a woman - not a cis whatever. Halsey is a woman. Sam is a man. Science is facts and not all these ridiculous woke pronouns and all the other crazy stuff this woke culture is adding into the dictionary. If people don't like what I say, then block me. I'm not debating or defending what I said. I don't have time for debates on a message board. I just say what I say and that's it
  9. No she didn't, Trent wrote those songs but you can believe what you want. Wikipedia use to have the complete song credit listed but somehow it got erased over time. Trent's name use to be listed on every song along with Atticus. Now it just names her. It's like Die For Me. She claims she wrote her part solely when Post, Future, Luis Bell and a few other guys wrote her part, which was inspired by G-Eazy. She lies a lot about her songwriting. Her poetry book is all her which is easy to tell. Sometimes you can be a poet but it doesn't mean you can write lyrics. Not everyone can be Lana.
  10. She co-wrote Everything is Embarrassing and gave Dev half credit too. Was she pulling a Halsey ~I wrote this song by myself~ ? Sure. But it doesn't matter. Dev got his credit and he gets royalties from the song at the end of the day.
  11. I agree except for iichliwp. That album was incredible. Everything else your right on. Sky is a better songwriter on her own but she's problematic when it comes to compromising. Lets see what happens now that Halsey is gone.
  12. iichliwp is Halsey's best album. I give all that credit to Trent Reznor and Atticus Finch who wrote 95% of the lyrics and produced the album. Halsey might be releasing poetry books and likes to fancy herself as a "songwriter" but look into her album writing credits and there's at least 15 people credited for her lyrics and song per song. She can't write songs or lyrics on her own. She needs a whole team and Capitol paid for that. So hopefully, if she signs onto another major, they could shell money out to all these producers and songwriters she needs. At least Sky writes her own songs and whenever she shares songwriting credits with someone, it's usually one person, not 15 people. Maybe now Capitol can shell out all that money for Sky and give her the "proper roll out" she wants. Right now Capitol's biggest artists on roster is Katy Perry. I don't count Sam Smith because he's a sad clown now and he's lost millions of fans with this new act of his . The amount of people that have walked out of his shows recently... He's going to be the next one to be dropped. I don't feel bad for him. This man is the reason why they removed all the female catogories out of award shows in England. He was whining about why there was a catorgory for females and males and everyone should be fluid like him. Well they kept the male categories but the female ones were removed thanks to Sam. Google it.
  13. Sky needs to rebrand herself and do something else career-wise. I guess it's acting and modeling at this point. I don't know why she hasn't formed a band or use a stage name. Capitol are out of their minds. They aren't going to let her go and Sky wants a fancy roll out for her album releases. A mess.
  14. Halsey's response to being dropped and not renewed by Capitol: I have to say, Capitol is crazy. I'm wondering if Halsey completed her obligations to her contract. The fact that they didn't renew a hard working artist like Halsey, but refused to drop Sky. It's just crazy. Make it make sense.
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