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  1. i think its safe to say that most of the people here are white gays and white gays hated pink friday and roman reloaded when they were released so why are you saying this album isnt a good follow up to something that took you years to get



    anyways fallin 4 u hive stand up

  2. 11 hours ago, cool3dworld said:

    is the version of Bullets that just dropped different to the demo that leaked at all? (the one that leaked with Charli vox) ?

    the release has someone else's vocals

    11 hours ago, reflecting said:

    leak spring breakers…….:party:

    ohhh where can i find that demo…. :excited:


  3. It would be annoying to have other artists actually mention your music now that you really don't care to be popular. like nobody really openly gave her her props when it actually mattered.

  4. 27 minutes ago, TRENCH said:

    Like i said 988 pages back, just open up a DistroKid account and a BandLab account  to master you songs. come on girl its not that hard to put out music. 



    ....oh my god there are 1,419 people that can mix and master a song for $50 on fivver lmao nah she has zero excuses to put out Fantasea 2 now :eartha:

    She doesn't want to release music. Like most of you see her as so disposable. She could drop an amazing album but the you guys will turn around and call her a dumb bitch anyway, so like why would she want to do anything we want

  5. 41 minutes ago, honey dew said:

    But Sam is actually responsible for that backlash so I'm not gonna feel bad... he chose to become a provocateur to draw more attention to himself, to get people talking, to be walking clickbait. His team chose this route for him knowing exactly what would happen, hate is attention and attention is a currency.

    Girl, we're literally talking about the hate Sam gets from The Community. The same community that praise when certain people 'draw attention to themselves' but are turned off by Sam doing it. Whatever you think Sam is doing for attention from the GP, they're not, they're doing it for the people that get it.

  6. 17 hours ago, XCX Archivist said:

    bitches act like only the str8s can have homophobic attitudes

    but fr also i think a lot of yall just hate sam cuz they started their career with songs like stay with me which is just ultimate white mom music lets be real

    Charli's been a fan

    and she's this close to being a white biracial mom


    anyways i was thinking the other day how shook i was when Blondie released gravity


  7. 55 minutes ago, AtomicMess said:




    omg i know, but i guess if you would play 50 plus shipping from her site itd be about the same..

  8. 2 hours ago, AtomicMess said:

    Me, yesterday: "Eh, I'm not gonna get the TOTL repress. I need to be smart with money."

    *gets a promotion and fat raise at work*

    Me, today: "Okay, fuck. Guess I will buy it!"


    TOTL Repress: Sold Out. :oop2:

    brb killing myself.

    you can preorder it on amazon still https://www.amazon.com/Turn-Off-Light-Kim-Petras/dp/B0CJK1587M/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3B8WHEXQ57II7&keywords=kim+petras+turn+off+the+light+vinyl&qid=1696551896&sprefix=%2Caps%2C616&sr=8-2

  9. the fact that the fans will go against her 360brat wishes and leak shit that we dont care to see or might even prevent somebody from being interested in her like her having a little birthday dinner with matty healy but gatekeep the actual interesting stuff..

  10. 28 minutes ago, xlanax said:


    Can we stop this guilty by association thing? 

    Girl she's not like sisters with a murderer or anything, that's not really something you can help. she's posing for pictures with and brags about how close she is with her boyfriend's ~problematic~ friend. and I'm not using that word just as some pc buzzword like just recently matty said ice spice looks like a fat chinese lady and proceeded to mock their accents. like how lame can she be

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