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  1. Rodi Rodriguez seems like an accurate choice for her but Charlotte Rutherford is all about plastic, colors and fake, while Lana is more as natural, lanscapes and indie stuff. And btw, those Megan Trainor photos omg, she looks so cheap. She seems like a hooker who recently got a tummy tuck belt and can't wait to show it. She's beautiful but holy fuck, who came up with the idea of that photoshoot?


    i don't get why most of you here are craving that Lana collaborate with poppy cheesy photographers/singers even if you know that Lana IS NOT, and WILL NEVER BE a poppy shitty flop like Marina.

  2. I’m so mad at some of you saying she is not fine because of the fans in the streets and the mall etc. like, this is almost xenophobic, she almost never come to South American and the fans at the street only give love to her. We might be crazy but you can see that yesterday she was definitely liking this “craziness” and she delivered. Not you blaming her and blaming us ok that’s it bye


    Americans seem to forget that was an American who tried to kidnap her less than a month ago and that's probably why she's been so uncomfortable lately with south american fans, but hey, at least South Americans are not shooting each others at schools as a hobby.

  3. she was NOT feeling tonight. 


    these other south americans better leave ha ass alone when she's out and about to get her coffee with a straw and strolling through malls if they wanna get a good performance


    At least they're not trying to kidnap her, leak hundreds of her unreleased music (plus l4l lead single), stole two of her cars (plus her laptop) or break into her house over and over again.

  4. while it's an incredibly gross and depressingly realistic opinion i don't fully think that alone warrants a ban, it's no doubt artists of any medium exponentially grow in terms of value and recognition upon death; but i def agree it's still something better off communally known yet not publicly said. It's not as disrespectful as when Chris Cuomo said (along the lines) hope she doesn't get killed meeting fans upon an event back in June- it's not nearly as crude imo


    the OTTR mix shit was so ugly n he's ugly for it but is tht reallllyyy worth a ban, a universal dick move doesn't translate to getting WP's/bans, it'd be like if somebody had Yosemite n leaked snippets and the boards went into an uproar and wanted the full thing, but the person sells it and keep sit to themselves n buyers- should they get banned? obv don't know every exact specific of the OTTR situation but even then


    i actually think he's doing such a big drama out of nowhere. Ppl are attacking Eclipse after he shared a lot of stuff and info (edited or not, it was great stuff) and now everybody seems to hate him its like what do u guys want from him?

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