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  1. The official instrumentals: https://dbr.ee/KNJk
  2. do we know the source of these instrumentals? I want to look more
  3. Rodi Rodriguez seems like an accurate choice for her but Charlotte Rutherford is all about plastic, colors and fake, while Lana is more as natural, lanscapes and indie stuff. And btw, those Megan Trainor photos omg, she looks so cheap. She seems like a hooker who recently got a tummy tuck belt and can't wait to show it. She's beautiful but holy fuck, who came up with the idea of that photoshoot? i don't get why most of you here are craving that Lana collaborate with poppy cheesy photographers/singers even if you know that Lana IS NOT, and WILL NEVER BE a poppy shitty flop like Marina.
  4. What is she doin' in Brazil, isn't she supposed to be singing in Columbia like tomorrow or somethin'?
  5. Americans seem to forget that was an American who tried to kidnap her less than a month ago and that's probably why she's been so uncomfortable lately with south american fans, but hey, at least South Americans are not shooting each others at schools as a hobby.
  6. At least they're not trying to kidnap her, leak hundreds of her unreleased music (plus l4l lead single), stole two of her cars (plus her laptop) or break into her house over and over again.
  7. Are they going to stream it? http://www.biobiochile.cl/noticias/artes-y-cultura/musica/2018/03/09/transmisiones-streaming-de-lollapalooza-chile-seran-conducidas-por-zeta-bosio.shtml
  8. are we 100% sure the censored word on A$AP Rocky's rap on Groupie Love is Fuck?? Could be any other word? I'm curious
  9. why don't you guys try ScreenShop App to see if you can find the clothes she was wearing?
  10. that's not an early demo. It just an unmastered version of the song.
  11. Sabrina Claudio is AMAZING. I've been loving her music since i discovered her on YouTube
  12. if he doesnt want to share something there shouldnt be any hate im not even talking about me because i dont really care what u guys think. tbh i could use a ban and enter with my vpn and a new account and a new reputation.
  13. i actually think he's doing such a big drama out of nowhere. Ppl are attacking Eclipse after he shared a lot of stuff and info (edited or not, it was great stuff) and now everybody seems to hate him its like what do u guys want from him?
  14. this is DEFINITELY more cohesive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_u--kVoleg
  15. can anyone tell me what's the song that plays during 3:35 on the WM video?
  16. wtf, when are we going to get the instrumentalsssssssssssss
  17. gosh i can't stand video games. At least live it better
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