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    I'm looking for material on the paradise Tour. I really wish whoever went to the Tour could share their records. I'm putting together a project to make a concert from files that exist on the Internet. I already have a draft of an edition I made with Cola and Body Electric. But I need help finding videos of some shows performed between 2013 and 2014. So if you can share with me your files and footage from Paradise Tour it will help the project a lot. The project has no release forecast yet, but I'm thinking about publishing the edited concert of the tour in the commemoration of 10 years of Paradise Tour. * the project can leave before*
    Note 1: If you are Lana Fan Account Admin around the world please post about this tour archive search and share with me via email.  Note 2: If you are a live instrumental creator of Tour, please contact me.  I'm going to need to portray about recreating some live instrumentals.
    My email: Kassiu.dias@gmail.com 
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