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  1. Justice for TJF one of her best songs. These mf’ers better be GREATFUL.
  2. Who is going to be at OSL in San Francisco??? 🙋🏽‍♂️
  3. The fact that she drove herself to the venue💀
  4. I think I would die if I was there for Art Deco - transition - fishtail
  5. There is nothing wrong with leaving social media to enjoy pregnancy… but she is also touring so maybe scratch that.
  6. what if she actually IS preggers and needs time to belly grow OMG
  7. everyone better follow oceanblvd
  8. What’s the song LDR said she liked?
  9. ok this makes sense. that's cute. ok got it thanks. well let's hear this new version!
  10. Like agreeing to die? or is heaven god in this case? Elaborate.
  11. what is this for? Unpopular opinion: I’m not crazy about this song. I like the tambourine and witchy vibes. What’s it even about? Maybe if I can relate I’ll like it more.
  12. the emotion that goes into fishtail you can't deny this might actually be my #1
  13. candy necklace snuck up on ME. i was disappointed at first but how can i go from not liking a song to being OBSESSED? the magic that is LDR
  14. ok for some reason i thought maybe there was something deeper in meaning but yes makes sense thanks
  15. Wait correct me if I’m wrong but is that why she’s laughing throughout it? Because she really doesn’t agree with his sermon? Or am I just reading too much into it?
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