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    Old Money

    This song's melody is for sure taken from "what is a youth" from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (1978), but the words in the song strongly correlate to The Great Gatsby in my opinion, as it mentions subtle details like "The queen of New York City" And the Great Gatsby takes place in New York. There is also more evidence that this song is about the Great Gatsby. The lines "Sunsets, small town, I'm out of time" and "Will you still love me when I shine? From words, but not from beauty" talk about where Daisy and Gatsby met (Louisville) and them him having to leave as he is trying to make a fortune to win over Daisy, and the next line talks about how Gatsby is infatuated with Daisy's beauty and it's one of the big reasons why he's in love with her, and another thing is that he is in love with the Idea of having Daisy in his life and not for who she really is. This also might be a coincidence, but the director of The Great Gatsby (2013) also directed Romeo and Juliet (1996), this could also be a reason as to why the melody of the song is taken from Romeo and Juliet
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