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  1. 4 minutes ago, hotshot2am said:

    I’d like to apologise for my post about being robbed in Rio. The experience really shook me up and I wrote a post in the height of my emotions. I know it could have happened anywhere and generalising about any people or place is usually unfair on the majority. I should've known better. I've been to Brazil many times with several different artists and always had a fantastic time. The people have always been kind to me. The show in Rio was incredible and the fans are the most passionate (and loudest) on earth and no one deserves live music more than Brazil. The pic is from rehearsals for the tour that got cancelled due to covid back in February of 2020. It serves as a reminder of how amazing it is to be back touring with this camp after such a long time away and that Brazil was absolutely the right place for Lana's first show in over 3 years! My heartfelt apologies to any offended and looking forward to a another great show in Sao Paolo! -W


    Also seems Ben started following him now so they are at least aware of it.

    for a second i thought you were the one that made that post and you were making an apology:deadbanana:

  2. 8 minutes ago, Rocket0212 said:

    Sometimes I don't understand how she chooses songs for MVs. CN is a good song but doesn't represent the theme of the album and isn't groundbreaking like AW. Just imagine videos for any of pre-release singles, the potential that they had.:noparty:



    Anyway, Slay Yes To Heaven keeps on rising on Global top 50 on Spotify. Let's celebrate that instead.:gclap:

    i’m surprised that she even chose CN as a single and for a mv, cause that song was not supposed to even make the album

  3. 1 hour ago, ivory almond said:

    i told my mom about the lore of the uv era and she told me that i had either been lied to or lana is crazy
    she just doesn't get the process it takes to make a masterpiece

    whenever i tell my mum about lore she always says ‘if only you put this time to learn about useful information’ SHE DOESNT GET IT:deadbanana:

  4. 29 minutes ago, xcxfan1 said:


    undeserved as fck + when nicki does a sneak diss on it then what...

    she probably won’t diss charli but i bet it will go something like this

    look 20 but i am 40

    ride kenny like a horsey 

    but i don’t fuck with all them stallions

    queen of rap i get them medallions 

    my oops are botched trying to look like barbie

    yeah but we don’t do WAP

    we do it for the kulture 


    she finds any way to bring up megan thee stallion or cardi she’s too grown for this

  5. 51 minutes ago, Crazy Husband Stealer said:

    What’s funny is, that she still isn’t anywhere to be found on this list:


    Also, people like Ariana, SZA, Rihanna and Billie among others can still make the top 10 of the “most streamed artists” lists with a FRACTION of the promo or quantity of released content.


    Taylor literally made shit up to tear down her peers and encouraged her ratty fans to bully people she has a personal problem with. 💀


    She actively tried to sabotage POC competition cause they tend to be statistically more successful in terms of streaming numbers.


    She's not the nice girl you’re seeing in her. WAKE THE FUCK UP.


  6. 1 minute ago, BartenderDeco said:

    global spotify charts: 6M+ (my prediction is 4M so it will go top 10)
    there’s no chance it’s gonna go #1 on the hot 100 because our fanbase doesn’t buy the song on itunes and we don’t have radio support rn

    on that topic, it would be great if you bought the sped up version and normal version of the song on itunes if you live in the USA, we have a really high chance of charting and this will boost the number 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Madonna Thor Complex said:

    I have OCD and Every Single Night is the perfect embodiment of what it's like to struggle with intrusive thoughts/obsessions, down to the darkly whimsical musicality. It sounds like something out of a twisted fairy tale.

    the lyrics on every single night are just amazing

    ’like a second skeleton trying to fit beneath the skin, i can’t fit the feelings in’ CRAZY

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