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  1. 10 minutes ago, cinnamon teeth said:

    it could be but she played it twice on it's own, plus she doesn't usually actually sing the intro. they also played giorgio by moroder by daft punk earlier and i was like imagine if this is the intro :oic2:

    they played that, too, in Porto - just some default stuff me thinks

  2. 1 hour ago, Sostrene said:

    From the Netherlands I traveled to Porto with my 15 year old son because my son is such a big Lana fan. He wanted a good spot so we were already waiting at 0700 in the morning. A very nice boy wrote VIP numbers on your hand (which later turned out to be of no use). The wait in the bright sun was hot hot hot, but what I remember most were meeting so many nice, friendly people from all over Europe. that made the time pass a little faster. Unfortunately, I thought the organization was very poor. It's a wonder there were no injuries. When the 'doors' opened people went crazy. some fell over fences or were pushed over. I thought that was really scary. In the end we were able to get a good  spot and when it was clear that the storm would pass us by, we could really enjoy it. Lana was great. She is in my heart and I hope to see her more often!

    oh yeah, i remember you! organization was terrible and we all agreed it was the messiest festival we've ever been to

  3. 17 minutes ago, DinahLee said:

    I think the most bizarre thing about the setlist is just the consistency that she's been playing most of the same songs since 2012 18. I mean choices like Bartendes are super left-field when you think about it, but she literally sang it during the Norman Fucking Rockwell Tour and just kept it there. Reminds me of when she just re-used the Change/Young and Beautiful medley as well like... girl move on.



    i think a huge problem is that large parts of the audience want her to sing all those old songs.


    girls still dress up as BTD lana and are screaming for Cherry and Summertime Sadness. Heart-shaped sunglasses are everywhere and they're still acting as though Lana is in her Lolita era - and sadly, us fans who care for her newer stuff get the short end of the stick

  4. 25 minutes ago, X8vinylScratchX said:

    Maybe this is the most unpopular opinion of all time, but i wish A&W was removed from the setlist altogether. I’d rather hear another song than just the Jimmy Jimmy part of A&W. If she played the full version, it may give the Bartender effect and drag on for too long. The full version of A&W feels like it would be a good opener if anything.

    imo she should play the 1st part as that is infinitely better than the 2nd

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