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    Katy Perry

    sounds like a Chromatica reject
  2. this does not sound like a proper song at all, are we hearing the same thing
  3. they played that, too, in Porto - just some default stuff me thinks
  4. why are the baseball jerseys 100 bucks omg
  5. oh yeah, i remember you! organization was terrible and we all agreed it was the messiest festival we've ever been to
  6. i think a huge problem is that large parts of the audience want her to sing all those old songs. girls still dress up as BTD lana and are screaming for Cherry and Summertime Sadness. Heart-shaped sunglasses are everywhere and they're still acting as though Lana is in her Lolita era - and sadly, us fans who care for her newer stuff get the short end of the stick
  7. byron's here, im taking that as a good sign
  8. thats the Vodafone stage, all shows there are cancelled - technical problems. The other stages are not affected
  9. still happening as of now, looks like the thunderstorm went further north than expected. no rain or thunder and none expected until after 1am
  10. nope but the portuguese weather institute now says theres only thunder until 6/7, so i have my fingers crossed
  11. from 31 degrees in the scorching sun all day to winds and chills as soon as the 1st act started i hope the storm wont be bad
  12. imo she should play the 1st part as that is infinitely better than the 2nd
  13. someone please record the last part where shes meeting the fans at least
  14. https://youtu.be/4OKSQR8ZWU8?si=yF_COvhahfJ31Zna yaaay
  15. also, Chuck and one of Lanas white LA girl friends were there, filming and taking pics of us so i guess theres a documentary or smth coming? i asked Chuck if shes filming a docu but she ignored the question
  16. no Arcadia nor Hope. The Grants was performed
  17. also gonna upload Jimmy /Y&B on YouTube and NFR
  18. shes not on stage edit: although in her defense, it looks more like a technical problem since they keep cycling the lights
  19. well, ill stream a bit if service is good enough
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