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  1. im just happy and delighted were finally getting another single picture disc
  2. i wish theyd give us new anniversary exclusives instead of repressing the old ones... just change the cover or smth i know buying one is gonna be useless cause i already own it, but im still tempted to hit the Buy button
  3. this is literally what it is, she just spat random lyrics out to some piano chords
  4. i was scared to say anything like this, so thanks not to mention "functional medicine" is some pseudoscientific bullshit
  5. also i would like to point out how Lana tried to make it abundantly clear the lyrics in Ocean Blvd are "LENNON in my back" and "give me FIVE" by saying "John Lennon" and gesturing a high five during the other line, so can all the lyric sites stop with "leaning in my back" and "give me fire" thx
  6. im so tired, i just got to my hometown and now its straight to the office a 4 hour trainride to Paris and a 1 hour, 7am flight back home with only 4 hours of sleep, just because she cant announce her tours in advance like a normal person... the things i do for her is2g
  7. dont ask why the sound qualiry goes to shit sometimes idk either
  8. anyways, before lana came on they messed smth up with the mic and it crackled so loud i thought it was gunshots and we had another bataclan on our hands when i tell yall i prepared to die now lemme grab a cheeseburger and go to sleep cause a boy needs to get up at 5 to catch a 7am flight to be back in the office the way i wasnt even 12 hours in paris only for miss lana banana
  9. anyqays recorded chemtrails, dmd and ocean blvd and gonna upload em on my YT once im at my hotel
  10. i counted hoq many words she sang of off to the races at her performance in nyon and got to like 46% or smth
  11. vocals were amazing, after the horror that were the 2019 shows its really amazing to hear her sing again
  12. lana, be glad im not front row like usual, id tell you off and scold you so badly for your tardiness lately if you came down to say hi
  13. well, they said "20 minute pause" after the preact ended at 8.30 i assumed it was 9 tho cause 20.50 is a weird time to start a show, but its been25 minutes now
  14. sitting next to a sweaty stinky straight liverpool fan guy with greasy hair, what have i done to deserve this at a lana del rey show shes supposed to be on at 9pm i think
  15. nothing, the venue blocks the reception here
  16. reception is terrible, dont think youll get a working stream here
  17. not sure, the girlie in front of us has a PDF ill keep u updated
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