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  1. in case anyone missed it, heres my upload (once it finishes processing... It's been 30 minutes and its still going )
  2. im sorry, boss, im late to our weekly meeting cause trimming my pubes took so long
  3. it doesnt help that one of the dancers looks like Emily in Paris
  4. imagine if Blue Jeans is the fucking closer if they end her set promptly in 2 minutes
  5. the interpretative dancing, c'mon... fire the dancers and use the budget on a better stage design
  6. now hawld on, is she putting effort into singing this?
  7. why is she overdoing that part of The Grants... its really not necessary to double the intro and cut the rest of the song only to hear the most underwhelming part of the song like 5 times
  8. it literally looks like some weird elementary school performance... just give us alex and ashley back, they were cute and didnt overdo it
  9. the way non-stans are gonna think she was late cause she didnt get ready in time, and she still wasnt done by the time she got on stage so now she has to have her hair done now
  10. sorry but the dancers are killing me, what is this honey
  11. are her hand movements part of the choreo or is she on some really strong coke
  12. i cant believe she is 30 minutes late. has she ever been THAT late before? i know she likes her little 10-15 minutes, but this... is on another level
  13. i bet shes still gonna do the stupid 8 minute costume change lol
  14. why even bother playing festivals when you purposely show up late so you dont have to do the entire slot
  15. got my signed print and i got a Lana!
  16. Thats normal though, Zippos are just like that. The scratching is annoying, however
  17. the lighter discussion is so funny to me, i got my UK order a few weeks ago, then ordered a backup from her US store 2 weeks ago and had that in my european mailbox a week after i ordered
  18. youd think the prices for this variant are now going down, but considering they were already pressed in the thousands to begin with, this is not gonna do anything
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