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  1. this is the wal mart version of sweet carolina and yall be saying stuff like that
  2. the song is cute and thats the extent of it tbh
  3. you can log in again by going to the old store's URL https://store.universalmusic.com/lanadelrey/orders.html
  4. some signed lana prints are available again, just snatched one 235 in stock
  5. i will never get the point of "remixing" a song only to use 2 lines from the entire track? Just release your own shitty EDM music instead of cloutchasing on popular songs
  6. Chateau Marmont is no longer accessible for non-hotel guests btw The Lana mural in Venice, I highly recommend going up to the Topanga Lookout and listening to Heroin, ts absolutely amazing, easily my favorite spot anywhere close to LA , Malibu/Point Dume for Get Free vibes, Santa Monica pier, the Witch's house in Beverly Hills, Mariner's Village just for the lols, Mel's drive in, Amoeba Music
  7. its not a haiku, its a one-sentence poem, and the title is it
  8. shes always late so she doesnt have to fill the whole set time with songs, nothing new lol
  9. no hate but you can pay for tracked delivery, the VAT thing has always been like that, no store of this size would bother correctly documenting everything so they can export it without VAT, and the stores have always been delayed in adding items. either US and UK are first, or some random European store, and then it takes a few hours or days until they have the same inventory. Nothing you are complaining about is something a customer service representative can solve lol
  10. i neither get the ones who say this sucks and the ones who think this is the 2nd coming of jesus she's very bland but kind of cute ig, and noone will be listening in 3 days its kinda funny to me how they say "Rob was never classically trained, but when he sits at the piano, magic happens" and its just him playing the most basic chords ksksksk
  11. noo i need that print but i was at work and didnt get a chance
  12. Dominikx4

    Rina Sawayama

    i really dont need more of HTG, lets just move on to the next one, please
  13. lipsters have been begging for her to sing in a lower register the entire LDR9 pre-release thread and now they got it and it suddenly doesnt sound like her anymore
  14. yall are tripping if you think lana doesnt sound like lana and you cant make her out in the 2nd chorus
  15. got my pink shirt and white sweater, and theyre both cute actually
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