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  1. anyways, before lana came on they messed smth up with the mic and it crackled so loud i thought it was gunshots and we had another bataclan on our hands when i tell yall i prepared to die now lemme grab a cheeseburger and go to sleep cause a boy needs to get up at 5 to catch a 7am flight to be back in the office the way i wasnt even 12 hours in paris only for miss lana banana
  2. anyqays recorded chemtrails, dmd and ocean blvd and gonna upload em on my YT once im at my hotel
  3. i counted hoq many words she sang of off to the races at her performance in nyon and got to like 46% or smth
  4. vocals were amazing, after the horror that were the 2019 shows its really amazing to hear her sing again
  5. lana, be glad im not front row like usual, id tell you off and scold you so badly for your tardiness lately if you came down to say hi
  6. well, they said "20 minute pause" after the preact ended at 8.30 i assumed it was 9 tho cause 20.50 is a weird time to start a show, but its been25 minutes now
  7. sitting next to a sweaty stinky straight liverpool fan guy with greasy hair, what have i done to deserve this at a lana del rey show shes supposed to be on at 9pm i think
  8. nothing, the venue blocks the reception here
  9. reception is terrible, dont think youll get a working stream here
  10. not sure, the girlie in front of us has a PDF ill keep u updated
  11. when was Bittersweet Anthem supposed to be playing? After what song?
  12. ma'am the show doesnt start for another 3.5 hours
  13. thats normal and yes, the further back, the better the sound. Not only do singers sound like Minnie/Mickey Mouse when youre at the front, the screaming gets a whole lot louder in the front cause thats the direction the sound travels. I recommend getting seats or standing further back if you prioritize sound over seeing her close-up
  14. not gonna be streaming, but recording 2-3 songs as usual, dont know which ones yet tho apart from tunnel
  15. ill let you know once im there! gotta check in and i might go and buy a wallet at hermes cause its just down the road awww youre so sweet
  16. gonna be at gare de lyon 17.38 if there are no delays!
  17. well, i did get a Cat 2 ticket (if anyone with Cat 1 wanna swap hmu), but im sad i couldnt get a 2nd one
  18. i hate this sm still refreshing and hoping i find smth for u
  19. doubt it. even if Lana's team fucked up completely, the venues and the event organizers would have pushed for the tickets to go on sale. it does look very quickly put together. They probably didn't start booking the venues only after Glastonbury, but I don't think they started planning this more than a few weeks ago
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