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  1. Girls who hate on the songs with trap beats, like are you new? Did you not listen to BTD? Trap beats aren't something new on a Lana album. It's annoying when people think Lana's debut was an indie alternative record with soft strings and pianos. But now all of sudden she has trap beats in her songs and people say she isn't being authentic? NEXT
  2. Oh I didn't listen to Heroin but only once. I wasn't feeling it. Don't attack me girls
  3. White lies and black beaches Meek Mill thinks that he is Going number one by the end of the week But I think he's crazy to even think it Baby I need this A good laugh and black beachesssss
  4. Okay girls I kind of have a confession to make. I felt nothing when I listened to Lust For Life. As big of a Lana fan that I am, I'm quite shocked tbh. The only songs I like are Cherry, White Mustang, Groupie Love, God Bless America, Tomorrow Never Came and Get Free. I haven't felt the way I did when I first listen to the album Born to Die and Paradise with any of her past records. Like I really can't connect to it. Like some of you were saying, I miss Lana when she had clear aesthetics and visuals. That, her voice and music is what made her so special. Her fashion sense during the BTD era was so chic and glamorous too. I almost feel like that Lana back then was another person. She was such a bad bitch. I know that artist grow and change but idk. That's what made me fall in love with her because she was so different. I'm not a fan of her political side of the album either. I know in an interview her producer says yes to everything she does or whatever but sometimes that really isn't a good thing. I miss Emile sooo much because everything on BTD had a magic touch and I think that's what's missing from these past records. I love Lana so much but I'm just not into these messy sounds and eras anymore. It's getting old and sometimes I feel as though she's lazy? With her presence and aesthetics. Please don't come for me. This is just how I feel. Maybe I connected to the BTD era and album because I was going through sort of the same thing and heartbreak and in the past five years I haven't gone through any of that. I'm not sure but it saddens me because Lana Del Rey is an angel and she will always be my favorite artist.
  5. Omg I thought you meant you wait until 12 as in PM. For some reason I thought you were in another country or something. Lmao
  6. I got my copy around 9:30ish this morning at target. Y'all need Jesus
  7. Girls I'm back and I'm cooler than ever. I got a warning point and couldn't reply since Tuesday. Lmao. First of all: HAPPY RELEASE DAY! I can't believe we made it. Can you believe two months have flown by? Second of all: LUST FOR LIFE IS SUCH A GOOD ALBUM, I was shaking when I first heard it. Third of all: My favorite tracks would have to be Cherry, God Bless America, White Mustang, Get Free, Tomorrow Never Came, Groupie Love, In My Feelings, Lust For Life, 13 Beaches, Change, Summer Bummer and Love. God Bless America gives me such stunning visuals in my head. Does anyone else think that the gunshots in GBA remind you of Paper Planes by M.I.A? It's THAT song. Come for me all you want but I just wasn't feeling Heroin or When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing. I think I'll have to listen to them more to see if I still have the same feelings. Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems is pretty but I don't think I can get into it just yet. Lana really came thru with this album, and I think it's so cohesive. Very memorable lyrics and vocals. I would give this album an 8/10. It's like BTD meets Ultraviolence and they had a baby. My preorder downloaded and I'm buying the physical copy tomorrow morning or when I get off work. Missed you girls and glad the wait is over. WE DID THAT
  8. Someone PM me mod note: user was warned for this post
  9. Omg, she literally has it. I'm literally SHOOK
  10. I'm actually really surprised that the album hasn't leaked yet.
  11. I think I've...had enough. I'm calm now and I'm back to normal.
  12. We get ready, we get all dressed up Waiting for this leak to happen
  13. The sis on Reddit that posted about their local store selling it just said he had no trouble buying it today. SHOOK
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