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  1. Adding onto this—I’m pretty sure this is what’s happening to Bonnie McKee as well? I don’t know much about her, but I do know she had label issues and is now re-recording a handful of songs of hers that were made under her old deal, shelved by them, and eventually leaked, and I’m assuming she has to be re-recording for a reason instead of just releasing what she already finished/the masters recorded under her old label. Not sure how all of it works exactly and every contract is different but Sky possibly being dropped could actually be the worst thing that could happen for her at this point considering how much of a perfectionist she is and how much she has already made. If this is the case it’s either start at ground zero and make Masochism (Sky’s Version), scrap Masochism and begin the process of creating a whole new album, or give up after being beaten down by the industry over and over again. If I were in her shoes I would probably give up. We’ll see what happens, hopefully both sides will stop being so vague or someone will be ballsy enough to ask her about it at a show if given the opportunity Edit- okay I just read a bit more about Bonnie McKee and yes, she originally tried to buy the rights back to the songs she made under her old label but was never able to, which is why she’s re-recording. Mind you they were unreleased songs too, just like Sky’s and she still couldn’t get them back to put out officially after she parted ways with them. Yikes
  2. Emerging from the shadows for a moment to say that I am genuinely very curious if we’ll be hearing anything from her after this tour… If she actually did part ways with Capitol, it’s very, very likely that everything she’s recorded while under them belongs only to them (even if she funded it herself). I know that’s what happened to Zella Day in 2019, and she had to remake 3 years of music so she could release the same songs under her new label. If Sky is not with Capitol anymore there’s a high possibility that whatever exists of Masochism up until this point is off the table—perhaps her and the label are both refusing to make any statements because they’re in a legal dispute now and she’s trying to get her songs back from them. At least the tour might cover her legal fees if anything of the sort is happening behind the scenes lol
  3. Coming out of LanaBoards retirement quick just to recommend Stella Rose to everyone suffering in this thread, she reminds me of Sky a lot and her new album Eyes of Glass which came out earlier this month is really good! She is a nepo baby though lol but still really talented (Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode’s daughter) My favorite song of her’s is “Angel” which echoes the softer moments on NTMT like I Blame Myself and Love in Stereo and 24 Hours But the first half of her album is also pretty heavy, echoing songs like Omanko and Nobody Asked Me and I Will I don’t know how you can be a Sky fan and not like her tbh, she also has a little Amy Winehouse in her voice which is really cool. A potential mother!
  4. Breaking my silence simply to say, all you 16 year olds will never understand the impact of Lana’s artistry in early 2010s, before you were even in grade school. The only “problematic” thing about the Ride video and Lana’s early career in general is the headdress thing, but everything else, she was a nearly 30 year old woman perfectly capable of making her own decisions and she had a very strong vision for her art, which everyone absolutely ate up at the time. Obviously Lana still has insane impact, but it was different and a different kind of it 10+ years ago. She was just putting her truth into her music and visuals, while obviously slightly embellishing things in the name of creating an immersive world, just because something from over a decade ago makes you uncomfortable, that doesn’t mean any of your criticism of it is valid. Lana Del Rey wouldn’t be Lana Del Rey without the artist she was back then, and you sound exactly like what the gross journalists sounded like back then. The boomerfication of Gen Z and weird rise in purity culture is so real, no high school aged people should be speaking on how Lana approached her career before they could count to 100 unless they’ve made a conscious effort to understand her. If “grotesque” art from grown ass women bothers you then i don’t think Lana is the artist for you
  5. i’ve just been successfully annoyed away (yes i’m still on here taking down all of my posts)
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