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    Charli XCX

    The album is literally perfect I'm blown away. I don't get some of the critics I see here at all, all songs are bangers and the flow and the balance between energetic and slower tracks are perfect. 10/10
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    Charli XCX

    I was at the show at primavera and she absolutely ATE this show it was insane
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    omg bless your soul
  4. cookmyeggs


    wait there's an immaterial demo in the bunch of leaked tracks? I couldn't find it
  5. the album isn't available yet on the website i usually buy my music from this is so annoying
  6. godzillana is everything i didn't know i needed omg
  7. Okay so apparently I can finally post on here I really like the direction her music is taking with this album Highlights for me are: NFR, MAC (one of my favorite songs of hers), Venice Bitch (the slightly updated mix is heavenly), Cinnamon Girl and its outro, and The Greatest. HIAB is also growing on me However, i do feel the production and/or mixing is messy on certain songs and overall it ends up sounding kind of muffled, idk. I wish they'd have been more meticulous when it came to this. Also what happened with FIILY? I don't mind the percussions being more discrete but here they just sound cheap and demo-y.
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