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  1. She tried pop: snubbed. She tried alt: snubbed. She tried spoken word: not even nominated. Now she will try country...
  2. I really wanna say boygenius are the real villains of the night but the way Taylor dragged Lana on stage rubbed me the wrong way so... I guess Lana should've stayed at home. And I hope she does stay at home next time.
  3. The fact she had to watch girls she inspired like Lorde, Billie and Taylor win year after year after year and yet she NEVER wins makes me sick to my stomach. I can't stand it.
  4. Okay Lana you have one week girl just ditch White Mustang and add Yes To Heaven on the next concert
  5. The pit looked really narrow compared to other concerts she did though, and security was holding the barricade with their lives
  6. Bittersweet Anthem is probably National Anthem revamped
  7. I think this was one of her most chaotic concerts ever and somehow it fits the Ocean Blvd vibe so I love it
  8. So she didn't do Yes To Heaven? Hate her for that
  9. she looked so nervous on the first couple songs but she picked up really quickly... guess that's why she chose brazil as her comeback concert like they just make you feel really loved and comfortable
  10. Is the Donut guy there? She sang "cause you're just MY man" like
  11. I see you're still as bitter as usual... never change Rorman Nockwell never change...
  12. FLIPSIDE????????????????????????????????????????????????
  13. She is so nervous you could literally see her trembling throught A&W and Young and Beautiful
  14. She confirmed Diet Mountain Dew is on the setlist
  15. Well Sao Paulo in general is going through a very serious matter when it comes to public safety since the current mayor is a dumbass who doesn't know how to take care of a city, but things are worst in downtown SP and the show will take place there. Basically there's lots of reports of robbery and attacks around there, with thieves in bikes going left and right snatching things from people and even knife attacks. The only good thing about that place is the fact the subway is really close to the place where the festival is happening... I just hope public transportantion can accomodate everyone attending. But for all the lanisters considering coming here for her concerts: go to Rio instead. Jockey Club is so so so much better.
  16. This festival is taking place in one of the most dangerous areas in Sao Paulo and I swore to myself I'd never set foot in there... the things I do for Lana Del Rey is2g
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