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  1. She really hates me my tickets for Lollapalooza are still sitting in my drawer
  2. Same, I really thought Lana had lost me after COCC but then she came back and released her best album
  3. The only song that I just can't feel 100% is WW. Those annoying clicking noises that start halfway through the song annoy me since day 1 and the song loses me there. If the whole thing was like the first half I think this would be one of my favorites
  4. I come back after a long time and this is the first thing I have to read with my own two eyes? I'm bouncing.
  5. wondering when will she finally collab with sufjan and cigsaftersex like it's been long enough already...
  6. I was listening to Arcadia earlier today while doing my morning routine and then The Trio came in and it just took me over, I really appreciate that moment on the album tbh
  7. Blue Banisters is her best album huh she really topped herself.................. HOW she keeps doing that????
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