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  1. Glad someone said it. It bafles me how some of y'all would want an old unreleased track we already have to take the spot of a possible brand new track on the record
  2. also i'm pretty sure she knows we're calling the album COCC so she was really smart with that one
  3. if they're wrapping up that means the video is ready for release next week confirmed
  4. She's their next victim or she's just one of those 74823423748 year old vampires that managed to get rich through the years and now are bored with being immortal and just go on with their lives wrecking shit havoc and being chaotic for no particular reason
  5. Because he's in charge of the album photoshoot, not the music video let's manifest only positive stuf please
  6. Now I'm just sitting here wondering how LMLYLAW, TJF, a country song featuring Nikki, Dealer and whataver this vampires themed song sounds like will fit on the same album
  7. I'm just happy we're getting a really spooky video. When those behind the scenes pics were released I got some horror vibes from the guys wearing masks, that weird farm and the foggy road where they were filming a car scene. But after her Interview cover where she described COCC (song) I got a little bummed thinking this video would be really cheesy with her friends/family just doing nothing apart from being cute but then bam Lana proves me wrong and serves me vampires
  8. delete this please there's a lot of people begging you to delete this there's people passing out because of this...
  9. While we're at it go give some streams to Lost Girls by Bat For Lashes, a whole album about a group of vampire women
  10. "things aren't always the way they appear to be down at the country club" ok faith in cocc restored she listened to my prayers and will serve a conceptual horror themed album i love you mom
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