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  1. Producers I'd love to see Lana collab with: Greg Gonzalez Matty Healy Miles Kane (again and maybe he could bring Alex along this time)
  2. Cacciatore


    dog house fucking slaps
  3. Cacciatore

    Britney Spears

    That felt like I was watching some Black Mirror bullshit or something, it was so awful it didn't feel real...
  4. Cacciatore

    Britney Spears

    I was a big Britney stan for most of my teen years and I thought I knew everything about her but watching this doc really broke me. When they showed the newspapper with the picture of her with the umbrella and it was written "more AMAZING pictures inside" it made me realize how cruel the media really was. The way she struggled with mental health and no one gave a damn and her father saw it as a opportunity to get her money was disgusting. I just wish the best for her and I hope she can be happy and free soon
  5. Cacciatore


    can't believe the album leaked four months ahead of its release i feel really bad for her but imma go and download it just in case she scraps the whole thing lmao
  6. Cacciatore


    In my mind the moon itself came to collect her and now Sophie is living as an entity in space, living her best life and floating through the cosmos
  7. Cacciatore


    I just can't stop thinking WHY her? Why Sophie? Out of all the awful people walking on this earth why did we have to lose Sophie? Life makes no sense at all, it's so unfair. She is a legend and I can't express how important she was for what she represented in pop music. I just hope she's in a beautiful place right now, she deserves it.
  8. Still no COCC review from p4k? At this point we know they were gonna drag it but were scared after Lana's meltdown
  9. Honestly same y'all know I've been slandering COCC ever since she released LMLYLAW and I was not excited about this album AT ALL but then she released COCC and I'm floored I love this song so much I can't even explain it... the lyrics the production her voice everything is so on point and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us. I feel like Wild At Heart will fucking destroy me
  10. Thank you queen already reported
  11. I'm looking for the comment where VB was called a snoozefest because I don't see it anywhere
  12. sorry lana don't drag me!
  13. Agree with Venice Bitch. MAC is a snoozefest though... the outro is kinda cute but other than that I think the song is really boring.
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