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  1. I think the Jim in Ultraviolence is actually Jim Beam whiskey that she was also posing with in the Kinda Outta Luck video: In the bridge she changes the pronouns from third person to second person (from "he used to call me/he hit me..." in the verses to "loving you was really hard/I love you forever"), making a distinction between Jim and the cult leader.
  2. i love old money (for some reason it makes me think of some pokémon movie (?????)). i really dislike the other woman but i love the original so it was expected.
  3. it's probably a re-worked version of kill kill
  4. She mentioned his first name in the Les Inrockuptibles interview: "This passion for words I own to my best friend Gene, my English teacher at the time. "
  5. I really love it. It reminds me of those pictures from her at the Chateau Marmont when she was filming her myspace interview
  6. wtf I pictured the teacher to be middle aged, him being just a few years older than her changes everything
  7. i think so too. it was on her playlist and she's tweeted the lyrics to it
  8. praying that the other woman is a nina simone cover
  9. we've done that before so i think it's okay to post it (nobody said anything about it then so). it's just speculation anyways
  10. It doesn't bother me when there's different versions of a song but it really bugs me that they never officially announce how many versions there is (like with Y&B) so you have to rely on fan compiled lists that for obvious reasons could be wrong to make sure you have all of them. It's such a simple thing to just upload a post to her website listing what versions are available and provide download links for them. After all they are trying to sell her music and if you don't make something easily attainable for a consumer they won't buy it.
  11. fruitpunchlips


    does anyone have her rolling stone (when she was on the cover) interview? i can't find it on the website
  12. you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest #buyredonitunes maybe this is what cruel world is supposed to be? i could see the album starting with cruel world as an intro and then end with her singing about walking into the ocean or bathing in the sun or something
  13. can anyone ID the shoes she wore at coachella?
  14. it sounds kinda like an alternative telling of national anthem (and not just because of the queen of saigons part)
  15. lmao this whole timezone business is reminding me of this
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    full coachella set http://youtu.be/chfpIEMdX4E
  17. oh no of all the usernames i could've picked
  18. i wonder if the west coast saying will be "live by the gun, die by the gun" (a tupac reference). just in case it is i wanna be the one that called it
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