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  1. INDIES UP ON AMOEBA AKA THE CALI GIRLS GO TO RECORD STORE https://www.amoeba.com/did-you-know-that-there-s-a-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd-light-green-vinyl-lp-lana-del-rey/albums/4308906/
  2. IDK WHICH ONE TO GET. The standard is such a serve and idk about the other colors i need to THINK
  3. i hope the tile is that long that you cant even view it on the tracklist 😭
  4. CRYSTAL BALL ACTIVATION😭 Sleep deprivation for me
  5. so were se supposed to meet her at the tunnel?
  6. I need the item images to leak already I need to know the variants we have better servers than them
  7. pretty sure it is cuz i remember clicking like some time ago and it was the same
  8. And what if i told you i did this to somebody
  9. and when the website updates at 12AM then what
  10. The way we are probably going to get the announcement through a facebook post since its the only page she has public 💀. Or maybe LDR village will actually do their jobs
  11. This is me being delulu but imagine a music video that is just one shot and its her going through the tunnel. Her tracing her hand on the walls 😭. I would be fed tbh And before y'all come for me its very on brand after those Blue banisters music videos
  12. He knew the collapse that was happening HELP
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