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  1. Does anyone know the sizing on the Racing jackets because I got a large and now i'm scared its going to be too big
  2. i heard somene say because they didn't want two grey patches next to each other. but the way they could've just changed the color of the lining.
  3. Are we expecting an update on her Lana del Rey store too or was this it
  4. Wait she kind of delivered. I finally get the vision
  5. Oh they are SNAKES they were out here liking comments on their insta page our the LFL/Love Vinyl
  6. "You don't know the world like I do, You don't know how good people can be" GAGGED
  7. Lana's admittance to happiness tonight hit me so hard like i was tearing up. Mother❤️😭
  8. Mind you he called Dealer the worst track on BB...... That man needs to be sent to the ward
  9. "I mean, look at me, look at the length of my hair, my face, the shape of my body Do you really think I give a damn what I do after years of just hearing them talking?" Clocked a lot of bitches
  10. Nfr Sample, Lanas Vape crackling, Trap lana, THE LYRICS. Like this song is perfection, Mike Hermosa shifted something....
  11. "That’s the other thing. At first, the title was definitely going to be Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, and then I fucking panicked and I went to Neil’s house and said, “I know this is fucked up, but I’ve changed the title. It’s going to now be called, ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd Pearl Watch Me on Ring a Bell Psycho Lifeguard.’” He was like, “What the fuck?” I was like, “I’m not telling anyone." This quote HELP
  12. Also love that on her note she Mentioned Jon Batiste as someone she became really good friends with recently. It made me really happy hearing that they are more than just collaborators
  13. I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS VERSE “Harry Nilsson has a song, his voice breaks at 2:05 Somethin' about the way he says "Don't forget me" makes me feel like I just wish I had a friend like him, someone to give me five Leanin' in my back, whisperin' in my ear, "Come on, baby, you can thrive," but I can't”
  14. The morning was fun hopefully everyone got the variants they wanted ❤️. Also I was surprised how fast they sold out like THE DEMAND
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