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  1. 1 minute ago, mindofyouwithmeTHANKU1moretime said:

    So she’s confirming the standards album is happening and it’s coming next in the last paragraph?


    I don't know, she has been saying that she has "plans" for such an album since 2019 or so. I don't interpret it as a confirmation.

  2. As such, she has plans to write an album of standards — classic, simple songs that could reach even more people than she does now. A bit like the gorgeous, piano-led cover of Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver that she released on Friday, or the Elvis Presley version of Unchained Melody that she recorded at Graceland for a Christmas TV show.


    From her Times interview, does not seem like cover album fully exists yet.

  3. 21 minutes ago, nectarofthegodss said:

    How many are in stock? I’m broke at the moment :crai:


    21 minutes ago, yourboy said:

    How many are they printing? Wow


    21 minutes ago, The Sun Also Rises said:


    It's probably returns. I bought mine from a U.K. store restock (after my CA one didn't turn up) and it had visible flaws. So I suspect it's all the ones people are not happy with and have returned. I got a £3 refund or something since I really wanted it anyway :pft2:


    1800 are in stock, so far no other store has restocked them so it's possibly leftover inventory.

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