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  1. In China, It's 2:20pm in the Saturday afternoon for us to watch, what a perfect time
  2. Last year the Rosalia both two show were on livestream!
  3. Which mean the leaked song in 1 or 2 months ago? I'll be dying!
  4. If it's just a song list in 2023, plus some new songs,
  5. There are too many guests, so invite one group each for two weeks.
  6. Just hoping the concert livestream wouldn't cut off cut some songs from the whole show!
  7. Is it possible that the gun and white horse he said are not just these realistic items, but a symbol?
  8. When can someone to release her rehearsal footage of this show?
  9. Will they livestream lana two weeks show, for real?!
  10. Yeah,she made the west coast debut first at coachella 2014
  11. Maybe release somewhere someday like the outside land 2016 one,, or maybe release after this month's coachella shows
  12. u wrong. Today the Coachella Official announced they will livestream mommy's two show on YouTube, we win!https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5V7soBM8R8/?igsh=dDFjYzUzZXIycWt3
  13. Hope they can leak her full official shot show coachella 2014!
  14. The last time who sang so well about the countryside was Dolly Parton
  15. I just wonder is that setlist is real? https://twitter.com/CinamonSluh/status/1730060211593891980?t=WqJmLz8QYJKbN7ve-MTVwg&s=19
  16. So after her final show in Charleston. Could mom re-schedule this two Mexico show plz?
  17. remember she said other show in Mexico months ago right? But the most cruelty thing is some one who attend the show but never upload footage on YouTube.
  18. would she sing Margaret with Jack again? and she ought to wearing this dress for her very last show in Charleston
  19. oh ,I forgot Hope tho LOL,but to be honest Tunnel has one of my favorite outro
  20. You could see that she is wearing the same dress in Franklin and Dallas, but the witch hairstyle been used from Brandon show
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