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  1. i am awful and just seeing this now, but they really weren’t budging with the whole gates at 2 thing, the guy standing out front not letting people in was so rude i did not appreciate it :/
  2. overall this past week felt like a fever dream, between living my dream of finally getting to see her live and being barricade and then spontaneously buying a ticket to wv wednesday to go on thursday haha…. zella opening for her in wv was the cherry on top…. grateful for this experience and for all of the people i met🖤🖤🖤
  3. it apparently was at the wv show but i ran to the pit i didn’t even get to look at the merch otherwise i would have gotten you one😓💔 they were even more phenomenal live i loved them since the brazil comeback show, i hope she keeps jazzy, peaches, and porctia😭🖤
  4. well, guess who bought a ticket for tomorrow on a whim🤡🤡 round 2 haha… i’m not going for barricade since i’ll literally be coming straight from work to the venue but i am SO excited to see zella again and ofc lana, i’m still on cloud 9 from yesterday… praying she comes out to meet fans…. i was heartbroken when i found out she did last night and i missed her, she didn’t do barricade last night either😓💔
  5. ooh also have any other venues on tour done a “pre show party” like this one will be?? i ofc don’t expect lana to be there haha, buttttt being in this fandom for 10 years, i know it might be possible that rob and/or one of her siblings would make an appearance👀👀 and ofc only the die hard fans will know who they are lmao🤣
  6. yep🙃🙃 but we also got that message about “arriving early” so idk what they want us to do…. this venue is notoriously disorganized lmao
  7. thank you both!! i will be at the pa show tomorrow so hopefully it’s there🤞🏻
  8. does anyone know if the tour jacket was restocked? ik they were out for the mississippi show, but i didn’t know if there were any for nc or the festival this weekend
  9. i still wish she would have kept the nature boy/a&w intro
  10. wait is this law applicable for all states??? if so that would be amazing haha
  11. this was so helpful thank you!!! my heart broke during that video of lana calling people out for leaving early😓
  12. just curious, how have the crowds been overall? the only reports i’m hearing of people being just generally rude and disrespectful to others in the audience were the florida shows… anyone else know anything?
  13. honestly it would be dope if she at least kept the funeral theme for the last few shows on tour👀👀 absolutely love how her brain works :*)
  14. absolutely🖤🖤🖤 my goal is to be barricade i hope we all get it🤞🏻🤞🏻
  15. ooh i’m down for that one, i’ve also been pushing for thunder👀👀
  16. ikr why didn’t she keep it😭💔😭💔😭
  17. yep my mom and brother went to that show this summer and just barely made it by the time they took the stage :///
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