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  1. Shame on them leakers for not gifting anything gag worthy to our bday girl Jesus
  2. does anybody know what's the original song from this fake zodiac snippet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik-9QyYemW4
  3. Another mix of SYTH, another unintelligible laptop demo, a tagged 3s snippet, an og file of something we've heard already...
  4. whats the point on not leaking zodiac considering 1. she scrapped it for candy necklace 2. she said her next music is not going to be as deep as ocean blvd was. so probably that song wont fit in any album for a long time. not that i know......... if not. prove me wrong
  5. Im new to this forum and it glitched omg im sorry But they say insisting helps
  6. I offer you my unborn children in exchange for Zodiac
  7. Greed and gluttony are deadly sins. Leak Zodiac.
  8. So you'd rather just 50 a capella demos than 1 or 3 actual fully produced songs? Im still waiting for the 'leakmas' to happen. These are appetizers.
  9. enough with laptop a capella demos the people wants full songs
  10. Any generous leaker who would love to gift us Pussy (Cola Demo).... and maybe.... Zodiac..... or any Tropico unleaked songs
  11. Besides wanting Zodiac as a basic human need - it would be interesting if Pussy (Cola demo) and Earthquakes (final mix w production; if it exists) leaked
  12. Waiting for Zodiac... come on someone has to gag us all...
  13. can somebody link me to floridakilos lyrics of every song because between these spoiler boxes its impossible
  14. i seriously need a lyric transcript of every song im tearing up this is her best work to date
  15. You guys are doing mental gymnastics over a lyric that, probably, a high percentage of you relate to in some way. Acting like you never broke one single covid regulation, be forreal . And I'm not saying 'going everywhere without giving a single fuck' - but everybody has at least once met with friends, partners, etc. Some people were asymptomatic, some not, most of the stuff was out of control. It's just a lyric. Damn. Lana isn't a health terr*rist.
  16. 'Bickham Script Pro' - It was hard as fuck to find but I found it weeks ago. You're welcome . Xx
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