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  1. can somebody link me to floridakilos lyrics of every song because between these spoiler boxes its impossible
  2. i seriously need a lyric transcript of every song im tearing up this is her best work to date
  3. it's literally lolita demo but like better and grown and mature and ahh its EVERYTHING
  4. You guys are doing mental gymnastics over a lyric that, probably, a high percentage of you relate to in some way. Acting like you never broke one single covid regulation, be forreal . And I'm not saying 'going everywhere without giving a single fuck' - but everybody has at least once met with friends, partners, etc. Some people were asymptomatic, some not, most of the stuff was out of control. It's just a lyric. Damn. Lana isn't a health terr*rist.
  5. 'Bickham Script Pro' - It was hard as fuck to find but I found it weeks ago. You're welcome . Xx
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