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  1. she looks carefree and well-rested in these pictures, i’m genuinely so happy for her
  2. not trying to argue with you, it would be a shame and a waste of time. fingertips is such a beautiful song, and yet you chose to comment “if lana would have tried to kill herself than we wouldn’t have this album”. make it make sense man
  3. from the way some members act on LB, the album release frenzy might put a bit too much pressure on them ig
  4. i think the people who dont believe CN is real are actually joking. if it on the back of the vinyl, it can be interpreted that the song is real
  5. imagine if candy necklace is not as good as people expected it to be y’all would be in shambles
  6. exactly what @road1029384756 said! your takes are my favourite and i hope you’ll be back soon from your break
  7. a creative genius and a well-spoken queen — the rolling stones interview was one of her best interviews imo!
  8. this took me out for some reason context: l word refers to locals, a banned term on r/lanadelrey
  9. honestly you’re right – i thought about the whole leak situation and came to the conclusion that i would have been better off listening to the album on the 24th oh well…
  10. what are you trying to imply? should i be concerned about someone else’s country (or continent)?
  11. ugh there’s no listening events in romania — none in most eastern european countries either. that’s a shame, i guess i’ll plan one myself
  12. so i see you like jane birkin as well always loved the cultural aspect of the 60s/70s!
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