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  1. I loved the music video for Fortnight! Absolutely beautiful, Taylor's and Post Malone's chemistry was crazy good! I also loved the cameos of the Dead Poets Society actors Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles! 🩶

  2. The vocals were definitely better this show with the microphone but I kind of loved the last week's show more because of the Billie song with Video Games and Jealous Girl intro. I think that the black outfit looked good on her (very Lasso!) but I loved the blue dresses more because they were so fairytale-y + the glamorous hair! I really loved Young & Beautiful performance from this show, it was so cute and the way how she said thank you! 🥹

  3. 19 minutes ago, Mer said:

    I’m just mad as hell cuz I loved this place but,
    So long, London 

    Had a good run 

    A moment of warm sun 

    But I’m not the one. 

    the lyrics are starting to lyric and I’m not ok. 

    honestly, after listening to 'so long london', i just wanted to stop listening to the album because my heart shattered to pieces. i loved this song so much but lyrically it just hits, especially that part. it's just pure melancholia.

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